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1 free year of the Balance Meditation app is the gift we all need right now


Don't worry if you can't sit cross-legged (I can't). Just try meditating daily for a week. Or a year because this app has been free for so long.

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forgotten PTSD; I think we are all in the middle of CTSD: current traumatic stress disorder. Because there is a virus that is supposed to kill us all, and the future is uncertain. I don't make light of it, not a bit; I've had a lot of weak moments lately, including some that border on panic.

Meditation can help. Before you snort and click away, you know the following: I once thought that the practice was only for hippies and crazy people. I didn't think it could help me, and I felt it would be embarrassing to do it. Wrong, wrong and wrong again. It's probably the best thing you can do for yourself, especially now.

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If you've been into meditation apps and services, you know that most of them charge a monthly or yearly fee. If you try and find it helpful, these fees are likely to be a low price. We are talking about mental health.

However, it is difficult to free yourself, which is why you absolutely cannot miss this deal: Elevate is offering a free annual subscription to Balance: Meditating for a limited time. It is currently only available for iOS. An Android version is listed as "coming soon". Read on to find out exactly how you get this giveaway.

After installing Balance, the app guides you through a series of questions that allow you to customize a meditation plan to suit your specific needs or preferences. For example sleep disorders? You can choose this as one of your priorities. When this part is done, the app starts with a short sample meditation.

  Balance Meditation Free Year

Finally you get to the main menu where you can tap on profile and then on Upgrade . Then you will see the option to get the free one-year subscription. This will activate automatic billing. In one year, you pay $ 50 for another year unless you cancel. (Mark your calendar so that you don't forget to make a decision when the time is right.)

The app offers a wide range of meditations for all needs. You can stick to your foundation plan or go to singles that cover topics like fear, habits, motivation, and even SOS (if you need some rest quickly).

This is truly an amazing giveaway, one of the best I've seen for a meditation app. Even if you're still making fun of the idea, try for a week. You have nothing to lose and the much needed rest.

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