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13 gift ideas for CrossFit fans


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The very first and only rule you need to know about CrossFit is always to talk about CrossFit (after all, this is not the Fight Club). If you have a friend who loves CrossFit, you probably already know that and are probably annoyed (Disclaimer: I'm a CrossFitter, so I can joke about other CrossFitters).

Upgrade your friend's heart during this holiday season and improve your workouts by giving him the best CrossFit gear that any CrossFitter hopes to dream of, but never asks anyone to pick them up. That's because CrossFit equipment is not exactly cheap, but there are a lot of low priced items on the list, many of which are in the $ 20 to $ 40 range. In addition, most of the more expensive items offer payment plans. Have fun shopping, fitness lovers!

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There are foam rollers and then there are vibrating foam rollers. Hyperice is known for its vibration technology, which appears to improve flexibility, mobility, exercise performance and post-workout recovery. For CrossFitter, who always complain about pain after training, the Vyper 2.0 can help in the regeneration of their training.

Fit Radio

Forget about Pandora. Fit Radio was developed for fitness enthusiasts. It offers fast, hard-hitting playlists designed to get people excited and improve training performance. New playlists are often released in a variety of genres, including pop, hip-hop, classic rock, hard rock, and more, so every CrossFitter can enjoy his own version of hype music. You can purchase Fit Radio as a monthly subscription for $ 7.99 or as a one-year prepayment for $ 59.99. This is most useful if you give it as a gift.

RPM training

Double underwear is no joke. This advanced jump rope movement (twirling the rope under the feet twice during a single jump) requires hours of practice, and most CrossFitter are familiar with the welts and whip marks that occur when jumping with a jump rope. By having your own jump rope out of the gym facilities you can improve your overall fitness as you become familiar with the weight, speed and feel of the rope.


Pull-ups, toes on the pole and muscles – oh my god. CrossFitters is constantly working on gymnastics movements that require great grip and hard hands to perfect during training. If you know a CrossFitter who keeps beating his palms and fingers after training, give him the gift of palm protection with the JerkFit WODies.


Some CrossFitter are more obsessed with CrossFit gear and gadgets than CrossFit itself. If you have a friend who is obsessed with something (and has a really big vacation budget for fitness gifts), you certainly will appreciate a pair of NormaTec compression boots, a high-tech form of compression therapy that promotes blood circulation and encourages muscle recovery after the gym. Learn more about NormaTec and other compression therapies.

Nordic Lifting

Between knee bends, lunges, box-jumps, deadlifts and sprints, the knees of a CrossFitter definitely last a lot during training. Compression sleeves for the knees distribute the pressure evenly and support the joint to avoid pain, especially during heavy lifting and loud fitness training.


Because of all the overhead moves you'd like to perfect in CrossFit – overhead squats, barbell presses, wall balls, etc. – sore wrists are common. Wrist Wraps keep your wrists strong during overhead strength training and are considered by many CrossFit athletes as a necessary piece of equipment.


Since the beginning of the sport in the early 2000s, there has been a steady stream of new CrossFit gear and clothing. NoBull has established itself as one of CrossFit's highest quality apparel brands and sponsors such as Brooke Wells and Tia-Clair Toomey. The Mid Trainer is not a high-top shoe, but not an ordinary shoe. It's everything a CrossFitter expects from a shoe: sturdy, durable, and handsome.

GripTight / Amazon

CrossFit athletes love to film their workouts, especially if they want to achieve a new personal best on a big weightlifter. And if they do not have a telephone stand yet, they're probably trying to shore up their phone on piles of weights, jerk-offs or barbell poles. Or they do some sort of sandwich thing: dumbbell, phone, dumbbell. This one small, cost-effective device can make things so much easier and turns out to be one of the best CrossFit gifts out there.


When you squat, plunge, squeeze, pull, jump, and run every day, your muscles and joints become very tense. Help a CrossFitter with a workout after training by giving him a mobility set. This The Ready State Starter Kit, formerly MobilityWOD, contains everything a CrossFitter needs to complete the definition of Dr. Ing. Kelly Starrett's "Supple Leopard – Supple Leopard".

Hyper Vest

Crossfit training sessions are difficult. However, there is always someone who adds extra weight, mileage, or reps to make the day's training even harder. If you know any of these CrossFitter, consider getting him a weight vest, which makes a WOD at least five times more difficult.


CrossFitter are notorious for going in and out of the gym, rubbing their shoulders and saying, "I need a massage," but never one. Give this friend a massage gun so he can do it in his spare time. Why the Theragun Liv? Because it's a powerful tool of a reputable brand that is likely to work forever and does not go along with the sticker shock of the more complex Theragun models. Compare other massage guns with the Theragun.

Focus Gear / Amazon

Well, you'll need a cool bag to put in all your new equipment, right? Any serious CrossFitter needs a spacious, multi-pocket sports bag to stash all his belongings – especially sweaty clothes. If the bag has a special bag like this FocusGear Ultimate sports bag, there are bonus points.

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