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13 sets of knives for sale by Guy Fieri, Calphalon and others

TL; DR: Save up to 58% on premium knife sets, blocks and cutting boards from Calphalon, Top Chef, Guy Fieri and others.

A good kitchen knife is an extension of your arm. It sounds bizarre, but the right knife set can really decide if something is going well in the kitchen or not.

What sets a good kitchen knife apart from a crappy one? Well, you want knives that are sharp and that of course stay sharp. You want something that feels comfortable in your hands, with a well-distributed weight and an ergonomically designed handle. And while a proper range of kitchens really depends on your personal preferences, the right material can really enhance or enhance your experience in preparing meals. Ceramics, stainless steel and carbon steel are probably your best bets.

If you're not sure how to start your search, today you're in luck: here are 1

3 high-quality knivesets to enhance your kitchen arts.

This four-piece Arondight knife set contains the most important knives you'll need for cooking: two chef's knives, a bread knife and a vegetable knife. They're all made of stainless steel, so they're likely to last all your life and come with a minimalist, space-saving teak cutting board.

Originally available for $ 155.80, this knife set is currently available for just $ 110.

  13 knife sets for sale by Guy Fieri, Calphalon and others

While most knives are not necessarily aesthetically pleasing, this set by Edge of Belgravia is intended to prove that this statement is false. It comes with five light, microscopically smooth ceramic knives with blue handles and black blades. You'll also get a square, floating knife block that looks like an art project but is fully functional.

This knife set usually costs $ 359.80, but you can buy it now for only $ 150.

  13 knife sets for sale by Guy Fieri, Calphalon and others

Do you love the Black Diamond Knife Block, but do you prefer stainless steel knives? This set contains four matt black stainless steel knives – a chef's knife, a bread knife, a filleting knife and a cutting knife – that allow you to easily cut and dice. You can also push them into the artistic diamond block for a fancy conversation starter.

Buy this set now for $ 135 – that's 37% off the original retail price of $ 215.80.

  13 sets of knives for sale by Guy Fieri, Calphalon and more

These knives are forged by hand, welded and hammered until they are 200 layers thick. The result? Unparalleled sharpness and toughness as well as characteristic undulating patterns that are basically a work of art. This set contains three knives in different lengths that will certainly enhance your cutting and dice game.

This hand-forged knife set originally costs $ 89.

  13 sets of knives from Guy on offer Fieri, Calphalon and more

While these all-white kitchens are currently the rage, there's something to say about cooking with the colors of the rainbow. That's exactly what you can do with this set approved by Top Chef Sizes . It comes with a chef's knife, bread knife, slicer knife, santoku knife, utility knife and paring knife. Each is made of stainless steel, but has a colorful, non-stick coating that prevents cross-contamination, as well as a matching case for storage.

Typically, this colorful retail set costs $ 54.99.

  13 knife sets for sale by Guy Fieri, Calphalon and others

If your kitchen is lacking in quality cutlery, this 10-piece knife set is a great way to enhance your game. You get nine razor-sharp, perfectly balanced knives made of 100% solid Japanese steel. The blades are bent to ensure that sticky foods fall off without sticking, and their anti-rust properties ensure you can hack for years without hassles.

To the value of $ 125.99 you get this 10-piece Gotham Steel Knife Set for only $ 77 now – 38% savings.

  13 sets of knives for sale by Guy Fieri, Calphalon and others.

Made of iced stainless steel and approved by Bravo & # 39; s Top Chef . With the licensed two-piece set you cut and dice like a pro. You get a vegetable knife and a general-purpose Santoku knife for the right price.

At $ 41.99, you can save 45% and bring this two-piece set to market for only $ 22.99.

  13 knife sets for sale by Guy Fieri, Calphalon and others

These Ergo Chef Crimson G10 knives are not only razor-sharp but also very beautiful. Made of precision ground German steel with beautiful purple fiberglass resin handles, they make an aesthetic enrichment for your kitchen. You get a chef's knife for cutting vegetables, fruits and meat and a peeling knife for peeling and other small tasks.

This knife set usually costs $ 100, but you can pick it up for only $ 100. $ 75.

  13 knife sets for sale by Guy Fieri, Calphalon and others

Feel at home with this Knuckle Sandwich chef's knife like the mayor of Flavortown. Made from a partnership between Guy Fieri and Ergo Chef, this knife features an 8-inch Japanese AUS8 steel blade for perfect precision and balance. You even get a heavy-duty, padded KYDEX scabbard to protect the precious blade when not in use.

The Knuckle Sandwich normally costs $ 129.99, but you can swing your own for just $ 99.

  13 Knife Sets Sale by Guy Fieri, Calphalon, and others

Beginner cooks in training can dip their toes into the cooking world with this two-piece precision starter set. It comes with a chef's knife and a vegetable knife – probably the two most important knives for a chef. Both are made of stainless steel, lightweight and can be sliced ​​without sticking.

Typically you can save 40% off retail price for $ 49.90 for only 29.90 USD.

  13 Knife Sets by Guy Fieri, Calphalon and others

This Calphalon Knife Block Set offers everything you need for your kitchen: chef's knife, utility knife, santoku knife, parer and kitchen scissors. All are forged, carbon rich and comfortably balanced. But it is the knife block that really sells this set. When you remove a knife from the block, it automatically sharpens, giving you maximum sharpness every time you cut it.

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This one Teak magnetic knife holder is hexagonal, 19.5 inches long and can be hung in your kitchen to save space. This will give you four of the most important knives used for cooking: two chef's knives, a bread knife and a vegetable knife. Each knife can be stored simply by touching the frame.

Get this $ 120 knife rack set and enhance your kitchen aesthetics while saving 27% on the original retail price.

  13 knife sets by Guy Fieri on offer, Calphalon and more

This chef's knife feels like it's in your hands. But it is not only comfortable in the hand, it is also extremely durable. Made of German stainless steel, carbon, chrome and vanadium, it is a good choice for its strength, sharpness and durability. You even get a free sharpener and a cleaning cloth to make sure the knife cuts smoothly for years to come.

This knife usually costs $ 49.97, but you can save 23% and it only costs $ 37.99.

  13 sets of knives offered by Guy Fieri, Calphalon and others

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