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15 best weekend deals: & # 39; The Witcher 3 & # 39 ;, Pixel 3a, Roomba S9 +

We have an extra day in February before we get closer to spring, which means that this weekend, in addition to the sales at the end of the season, leap year sales (yes, that's a real thing) take place. We have discounts on games and technologies like The Witcher 3 and Amazon Fire TV Stick. Have fun shopping!

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Home Deals

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Read our Instructions for Mattresses and Food Delivery Services

  • Nectar Queen-Size Mattress for $ 699 ($ ​​100 Discount) : The Nectar feels like you are sleeping on the classic, conforming memory foam, but does not let you sink too deep inside. It's best for side sleepers, but hard-boiled stomach sleeper (and WIRED's Reviews Editor) Jeffrey Van Camp was confident that this bed could convert him. Use code WIRED100 to take advantage of the $ 100 discount. You can also choose one of six free gift options for your purchase, most of which are retailed for over $ 100.

  • Leesa Hybrid Queen-Size Mattress for $ 1,444 ($ 255 Discount): We like the hybrid because of its feathers and five layers of foam, gently hug the body and keep it cool. It's already reduced by $ 170, and if you use code OFFBOOK you'll get an additional 15 percent off. The code also works on any Leesa mattress.

  • HomeChef meal sets (60 percent discount or 10 free meals): If you are a beginner cook and would like to try a meal set delivery service, HomeChef's instructions are very detailed and don't leave out any nuances. There are two Leap Day offers: you get a 60 percent discount on a box with the code LEAPDAY60 or 10 free meals with the code LEAPDAY10MEALS .

  • Kiwi Co Kiwi Crate for $ 14 (30 percent) off): With the code SHARE30 you get a 30 percent discount on your first box, which is equivalent to around $ 14 for a subscription , This was our favorite child's gift box as it offers a variety of options related to age and interests.

  • iRobot Roomba S9 + for USD 1,099 (USD 201 discount): If money doesn't matter, this is our top robotic vacuum cleaner to buy, so much so that reviewer Adrienne So said it was "in its own league" , It scans your house so it doesn't get stuck, and it also has a self-draining container.

  • Blueair Blue Pure 411 air purifier for $ 100 ($ 20 off): If you're looking for cleaner air, an air purifier can do the trick. We have tons of options to look through, but this is ideal for small spaces. It helps that it is whisper quiet too.

Tech Deals

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