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17 Best Weekend Deals: Wireless Chargers, Pixel 3 and More

In the gadget Lab, we tested gizmo and whizbang all year round to bombard you with techie gift ideas for everyone in your life, whether you're a runner or an Apple lover, an experienced parent, or a brand new one , However, as you watch your bank account slowly fade away to serve others, these offers will make it a little easier to pick something up for yourself, especially if you are traveling on vacation.

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The doorbell bell and the New Echo Dot have dropped $ 79

Are you traveling the holidays? With a bell you can feel a little better if you leave your house unattended for a long time. You can set up motion-enabled notifications, monitor your home with Live View, and open the door from anywhere. At this price, the newer, better looking and better sounding Echo Dot is free.

Buy the Doorbell Door and the new Echo Dot for $ 1

69 ($ 79).

Phone, Audio, and Gaming Offers [19659007] Home and Outdoor Deals

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