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17 offers for your coffee routine at home since you are now a barista

Unfortunately, cafes are not considered essential in many states in the country. This means that your cafe has probably been instructed to temporarily close the shop, which means you distance yourself socially from your favorite cup. We know it sucks.

But we also know that you can become your own barista – all you need is the right coffee machine. To help you turn your kitchen into your new favorite pop-up café, here are some coffee machine, brewery, grinder, and coffee pod deals that will improve your caffeine game.

Gourmia® GCM4700 Coffee Maker with Built-In Grinder

This programmable coffee maker can grind coffee beans on site or prepare a cup of fresh brew with pre-ground beans. With a large capacity, you can prepare up to 1

0 cups of delicious coffee at a time. Usually $ 139.99, it is available for $ 99.99.

Behmor® 1.2L Connected Coffee Brewer (Refurbished)

According to CNET, this machine is an excellent brewer with "surprisingly useful smarts". It uses technology that allows you to personalize your Joe cup by adjusting the soak, brewing time, and temperature settings, a feature common among commercial brewers. An app even connects to your phone, giving you full control over the brewer. Buy it for $ 79.99.

Gourmia® GCM3600 Single Serve Coffee and Tea Maker

Regardless of whether you prefer coffee or tea With this tool you can prepare your favorite drink with just one push of a button. If you want to switch between Java and tea all day, you can do it with minimal effort with the removable filters. Take one home for only $ 59.99.

Gourmia® GCM7800 Brewdini ™ 5-cup cold brew coffee machine

Preparing cold brews It usually takes 12 to 24 hours, but this coffee machine reduces the waiting time to a whopping two minutes. It has vacuum technology that charges the brewing process and allows you to pamper yourself with rich coffee that tastes much better than normal cold brewing. It also offers four different strengths and an individual brewing time that makes coffee preparation easier. Get it for $ 149.99.

Gourmia® GCM3350 Pourista Fully automatic coffee pouring machine

If you are not too This pouring brewery is picky when it comes to preparing your coffee and offers you a perfect cup with rich flavors. It has a controlled blooming and pouring function in barista quality, a temperature control and an adjustable ratio of coffee to water and delivers a satisfactory cup every time. It is available here for $ 129.99.

Ratio Six Coffee Maker

This coffee maker is a Kickstarter hit and offers a simplified coffee routine with its portable built and one-button programming. But even without frills, it simulates an experienced barista pouring process to make the perfect cup. It can be yours for $ 345.

Chefman 4-Cup Grind and Brew Coffee Maker

This coffee machine grinds your beans from brewing to preserve the oils and aromas to the very last moment. This way you can enjoy the tasteful taste of your coffee every time. It also has a keep warm function to keep your drink hot and an automatic shutdown for added security. It's available for only $ 75.99.

Gourmesso Nite Edition package: 90 high-intensity blends

Are the coffee capsules running low? This set contains 90 high-intensity blends that are similar to Nespressos Original Ristretto (intensity 10), Dharkan (intensity 11) and Kazaar (intensity 12). With this offer you get nine boxes with 10 Nespresso-compatible capsules each, as well as an additional pack of cleaning capsules. Buy it for $ 37.99.

Gourmia® GCM2865 Programmable 12-cup coffee maker

With a programmable timer for easy With this coffee maker and fast brewing and three different brewing intensities you can prepare rich, robust coffee with one breeze. Thanks to its large capacity of 12 cups, you can also make cups for the rest of your family. Buy it for $ 49.99.

Glorybrew 72 Compostable K-Cup coffee pad bundle

No more waste with plastic K-cups. This package contains trays that are 100% compostable and made from bio-based materials to return nutrients to the soil and reduce plastic waste. Of course you can also get delicious cups of coffee from it. With this offer you get six boxes, each with 12 Keurig-compatible pods. Get the set for just $ 42.99.

Palmpress coffee press

This coffee press was awarded the best compact design by Wired with sleeves and filters. It uses an immersion brewing method to extract the soil evenly, resulting in a delicious cup. All you have to do is use a medium grind size for each coffee, control your preferred coffee-water ratio, and start brewing. Get it for just $ 42.

Gourmia® GCM6850 Digital Accelerated Cold Brew Coffee Maker

If Coffee Is Too Acid You will be pleased to know that this coffee maker has a brewing technique that produces a smoother cup with 67% less acid. It was also developed to highlight certain flavor profiles and undertones of Java and to achieve a bolder taste. The drink also circulates over the ice basket, so you can quickly enjoy ice-cold and undiluted coffee. It is available for $ 59.99.

FrankOne ™ cold brew and coffee machine.

It doesn't matter whether you enjoy frozen or hot coffee. This manufacturer can do it in an instant. The patent-pending VacTec ™ coffee brewing technology speeds up the extraction time and delivers a full glass of cold brew in just four minutes. How about hot coffee? All it takes is 30 seconds. It's available here for just $ 79.

BeanPlus Cold Drip Brewer Premium Kit

Unlike immersion brewers, this kit uses a proprietary drip method to achieve a richer taste with less reason and to take only a third of the minimum brewing time. With a patented slow drip valve, you can easily adjust the strength of your brew. The result? A perfect drink. Grab it for sale for only $ 99.99.

Gourmia® GCM3250 Dual Mode Pourfect Pour-Over Coffee Maker

Pour-Over Brewing allows you to enjoy a richer taste, and this coffee maker has the technology that allows coffee to be poured on automatically or manually . You can either customize your cup or let the machine do all the work. Get it for just $ 59.99.

Gourmia® GCG205 14-ounce automatic 4-mode digital cone burr grinder

Ideal for coffee bean lovers, this grinder has 39 grinding size options, ranging from extremely coarse to extra-fine, and delivers equally sized floors, which are perfect for brewing from French press to espresso. With an integrated scale, you can grind the desired amount of coffee in grams, ounces or cups. It can be yours for $ 99.99.

Turn-N-Seal food vacuum container with 2-in-1 brewing scoop [19659002] This set offers a smarter way to store your coffee beans. It has a lid that creates a strong vacuum to prevent air and moisture from getting inside and keeping your coffee fresh. It also prevents the growth of Ochratoxin A, preserves the taste of Java and keeps you healthy. And with a 2-in-1 measuring spoon, you can prepare coffee with a golden cup ratio in no time at all. Get it for sale for only $ 24.99.

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