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1More True Wireless ANC Headphones Review: Great Features, Not So Great Fit

1More is a smaller headphone brand that is behind some of the best mid-range wired earphones available. Now that the headphone market continues to run mostly on what looks like a cable, 1More is running next to them. Last year it announced its first pair of real wireless earbuds and now there is a noise canceling model. They are the appropriately titled 1More True Wireless ANC headphones and are available now for $ 199.99.

Making a good sounding pair of wired earphones is one thing, but real wireless headphones, especially those with noise cancellation, are much more difficult. A good fit and strong connection are essential, and that's before you face the challenge of packing high-quality audio and noise reduction in a tiny package.


More's debut with real noise canceling wireless earbuds does a great job in many of these areas, and they sound good. I found that they had a somewhat fussy fit that made it inappropriate to use them when I moved around a lot, but there's a lot to like here.

1More's True Wireless ANC headphones feature A fairly enviable specification list that meets almost all the criteria for a pair of real wireless earphones. They can either be charged via their USB-C port or wirelessly. They have active noise cancellation and a pass-through mode when you want to hear what's going on around you. You can use the earphones together or individually (although they cannot be connected to two devices at the same time). They support both AptX and AAC audio codecs.

The earphone controls seem a bit unusual at first, but I was generally satisfied with them when I found out how they work. The touch control controls the noise suppression. You tap twice to switch between the four modes, including the headphone's two ANC levels, an ambient pass-through mode, and a mode with everything turned off. Meanwhile, a single physical button on each earphone handles playback and volume control. Pressing the left or right earbud once will increase or decrease the volume, long press will skip forward or backward, and pressing both sides will stop what you are listening to.

Photo by Tom Warren / The Verge

The controls work fine when you use both earbuds. However, you are more limited if you only use one at a time. (Good luck skipping a track if you're wearing only the left earbud.) There's no way to customize the controls in 1More's (fully optional) companion app.

The 1More earphones turn on automatically when you turn it on and pair them in your ears. I found that this worked about a third of the time. If not, I can generally bring the earbuds to life by pressing and holding the play / pause button to turn them on manually. However, there were other times when I had to pair them with my phone again to make them work. It's not uncommon to occasionally troubleshoot real wireless earbuds, but 1More's earbuds have become frustrating at times.

Photo by Tom Warren / The Verge

1More says you should get between five and six hours of playback from the earbuds depending on the case, whether or not you turned on noise cancellation, and the case gives you an additional 13 to 16 hours , That's a little more than what you'd expect from Apple's AirPods Pro, and roughly equivalent to Sony's WF-100XM3 earphones. I found it was more than enough battery life for my needs and the battery compartment was compact enough to fit in my pockets.

I had a problem with the fit of 1More earbuds, or more precisely with the right earbuds. Fit is a very personal thing and it is impossible to say for how many people this is likely to be a problem. Even though I spent a good half hour trying out several combinations of earplug and silicone wing sizes (1More offers seven different types of the former and four of the latter), I was never able to find the right earphone to feel really good. I knew a better fit was possible because the left earbud offered me exactly that, but for some reason it just wasn't possible in my right ear. Finally, I found a combination that worked, but never felt safe enough to be used, for example, when cycling (the earphones don't have an official IP rating, but 1More tells me that they should be able to work out in the gym train.) [19659021] Like other earphones, the 1More True Wireless ANC also has an environmental pass-through mode. With the implementation of Sony, however, you can switch it on quickly, for example to hear train announcements. However, 1Mores seems to be designed to stay on permanently. Activation takes a while because you have to go through the other modes first, which means you don't have to turn them on to hear an announcement if necessary.

Photo by Jon Porter / The Verge

Photo by Jon Porter / The Verge

Photo by Jon Porter / The Verge

Photo by Jon Porter / The Verge

Generally I was with the noise canceling performance the headphones from 1More satisfied. You have two different levels to choose from, and you can cycle through them by tapping one of the two earphones twice. 1More says that the first ANC level filters out noise with a volume of up to 35 dB, while the second level offers a slightly reduced rate of up to 20 dB. In practice, I have never found the need to use the second mode. It has generally worked well to suppress the roar of the London Underground, although there have been a few instances where the mode has stopped working briefly when things get particularly loud.

The sound quality of the 1More True Wireless ANC earphones is very different whether you have activated or deactivated noise cancellation, and it even differs between the two different levels. Leave ANC off and you will be faced with a fairly neutral sound signature. The sound separation is good, and when you hear complicated pieces of music, every part of the sound stage gets through loud and clear. However, the bass is somewhat quiet compared to the rest of the sound, which can sometimes make things feel a little lifeless.

Turn on ANC and the bass level increases dramatically. If you hear the two modes side by side, it almost sounds as if too much bass is available when noise reduction is activated. But the more I listened to the earphones in ANC mode, the more I liked what they were doing with my favorite music, with a warm sound signature that was never too overwhelming. If you are someone who likes a completely neutral sound, it may not be for you, but it suits my taste well.

1More is currently in the process of optimizing this in a future software update. This reduces bass performance while the earbuds are in ANC and pass-through modes to provide a sound signature that is more similar to when the ANC was turned off. However, the update was not available while I was testing the earbuds, and 1More couldn't tell me when it was expected to arrive.

Then there is the microphone quality with which I had no problems. I made a few calls from noisy streets and the person I spoke to never had a problem understanding me. People said I sounded farther away from the microphone, but the sound quality was still usable and they hadn't thought about questioning how I made the call.

Photo by Tom Warren / The Verge

The Sound The quality question leaves the completion of this test in a somewhat difficult position, since I like how the 1More True Wireless ANC headphones sound at the moment with the ANC switched on however, could change in the future. 1More says that it is not possible to keep the original sound signature.

1Mores True Wireless ANC is a good pair of earphones as long as you are someone who likes to play a hint of bass. They come with quality of life features like USB-C and wireless charging, and it's nice to have the flexibility to use only one at a time. However, it was annoying to have to fix their connectivity as often as I did, and I would have liked them to fit better. If you need every single feature that these earphones offer, it may be worth the price. However, if you're willing to put up with a pair of earphones at a slightly slower speed, the Jabra Elite 75T earphones are a more reliable option. [19659034] Vox Media maintains partner partnerships. These have no impact on the editorial content, although Vox Media may earn commissions for products purchased through affiliate links. You can find further information in our Ethics Policy .

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