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$ 200,000 Pokémon card lost in the mail will appear after five months

If you ever needed a reminder not to give up when things seem most hopeless, I have the story for you. An extremely rare Pokémon card valued at around $ 55,000 has just been reunited with its owner after it was lost in the mail five months ago. You absolutely love to see it don’t you?

YouTuber Leonhart felt the gruesome stab of 2020 as early as March. After stumbling over a holographic Charizard card in 1999 and sharing his excitement with his fans, he lost it in the mail. He had intended to send it to the California-based PSA card for authentication and classification, but the card never got its intended purpose.

At this point, I think most of us would desperately consider giving up. The idea of ​​losing something in the mail in a country as big as America seems like a nightmare. Hell, I give up finding my socks after ten minutes. Then again. My socks aren’t worth $ 55,000, which may be the case while Leonhart went to a little more trouble to get his property back.

As he explains in the video above, Leonhart tried everything he could think of. He phoned and followed up leads. He drove to a distribution center in Texas, the last reported location on the map. He even pleaded with his local congressman in a desperate attempt to make something – anything – happen. But no luck.

After months of searching, Leonhart had to come to the conclusion that Charizard was gone forever. Fortunately, on October 14th, a few days ago, things turned out to be positive when he received an email from PSA informing him that his Charizard card had been received. Additionally, the card had increased in value during its time in the wild and is now worth nearly $ 200,000.

What the hell happened to the card in the past five months? Has it fallen through a rift in time somewhere between Texas and California? Did the package fall under a cupboard somewhere in PSA headquarters and was it forgotten? We may never know. Leonart is just as confused as anyone, but is currently far too happy that he got his card back to worry a lot about where it might have gone or who is behind its lengthy disappearance.

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