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2K is a new studio for the next BioShock game

  Cloud Chamber

We've had a few previous reports that indicate a potential sequel to BioShock. At this time, however, there was nothing concrete.

Now 2K officially opened a new studio – " Cloud Chamber ", which is actively working on a new BioShock game.

What It Looks Like The latest development studio has been launched to focus primarily on the new iteration of the BioShock game.

In a tweet, they officially confirmed this:

The development studio becomes his team at 2K's headquarters in the San Francisco Bay Area in Novato, California, and also in Montréal, Quebec – this is the first Canadian office for a 2K studio.

It was mentioned in their official press release that the development studio is focusing on a new BioShock game, but this will be in development for the next few years. So you can assume that you should not expect it so fast.

Maybe we would have more information about it with the new PlayStation 5 or Project Scarlett. If designed with the PC platform for next-generation consoles, we'll probably discover more details soon.

BioShock is an incredibly popular franchise. You can try it if you do not know anything about it yet. For the time being, the news for the new development studio is exciting enough. What do you think?

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