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4 years later, this business is still waiting for someone to pay in Bitcoin

Ask any Bitcoin BTC fan – be it an investor, trader, entrepreneur or even the dreaded "thought leader" – in his opinion, what Bitcoin really needs to reach its full potential, and It's understandable that companies (large or small) will inevitably be swamped with requests from stubborn bagholders to accept their particular crypto currency.

But It seems even after these requirements hardly pay customers with cryptocurrency.

A small company in the UK, Seymour Locksmiths, has been accepting Bitcoin and other digital assets since 201

4 – and not a single customer has been paying with cryptocurrency all the time.

"2014 A major school of thought suggested that the most important breakthrough for Bitcoin would be peer-to-peer transactions, meaning that customers and businesses Pay directly for goods and services without resorting to payment networks like Visa, "wrote Seymour Locksmiths.

"We have decided to put this theory to the test. In September 2014, we officially accepted Bitcoin for all of our locksmith work, and shortly thereafter, we also accepted Dash, "the company said. "Since that day over four years ago and at the time of writing, we have not had a single customer to pay in Bitcoin, Dash, or any other cryptocurrency."

Seymour Locksmiths then speculated reasons for the non-existent introduction of Bitcoin: Not many customers had Bitcoin operational in a hot wallet, and the relatively expensive transaction fees for small cryptocurrency payments were a detour.

There was also a significant increase in Bitcoin customers' interest during the 2017 hustle and bustle of the domestic market, in the interest of its clients suggesting that price is ultimately an interesting factor for regular, non-cryptic currencies.

Even if this may seem like a hugely isolated example, this business is not alone. Last year, Altcoin fans had a big stink when Pornhub took on several minor brands for its premium service last April.

Until October, it was confirmed that less than 1 percent of subscribers paid with cryptocurrency.

Even decentralized apps (dapps) – the other-other cryptocurrency application – are struggling to achieve meaningful use. Years after the first Dapps hit the market, acceptance is maintained, especially on seemingly dubious gambling platforms: 70% and 95% of EOS and TRON traffic is operated by online casinos.

The decentralized revolution is still at an early stage. But to gain steam, there must be willing participants, and forcing traders and conglomerates to accept your favorite shitcoin is simply not enough to change our current narrative.

But without that we are just "BUIDL it and they will come – so it should be enough.

Published February 28, 2019 – 11:03 UTC

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