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5 free digital comics that you can spend time with during lockdown

If there is one After the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, people have time to discover new things that they can read, see, and hear. But if there’s one thing, the Covid-19 locks have not Given the people, it’s disposable income to spend on these things. There is, however, a small silver lining for comic fans: all types of publishers make you amount of their material is now available for free. But with so many options, which comics are worth the time and effort? Do not be afraid, dear reader: Here are five free digital comics that you just have to watch.

James Bond # 1

For many, James Bond’s idea is so connected to the big screen that it is almost impossible to imagine that he is working in a different medium ̵

1; and that includes the prose in which the character first appeared. However, the first edition of his most recent comic incarnation should dispel all doubts, with a tense and fast-moving story that does justice to both the original Sir Ian Fleming version of the character and his most recent film, exploited by Daniel Craig. It’s an impressive feat, but what else can you expect from writer Warren Ellis?Castlevania, Transmetropolitan, Planetary)?

How to read it: Available on ComiXology.

The seeds # 1

And now for something completely different – but with an incredible family tree. The seeds, who made his debut a few years ago, was a complex science fiction thriller that brought together three different, unique talents: the writer Ann Nocenti, whose paranoid beatnik Daredevil the 1980s remains a high point in character; Artist David Aja, who has made a name for himself as a visual stylist at Marvels Falcon eye with Matt Fraction; and editor Karen Berger, who led DC’s Vertigo through titles like Sandman, Light blazer, Y the last man, Fables and many more. Sure, it can be scary to get into something completely new – especially a story that is meant to worry – but with these veterans at the wheel, you’re guaranteed a good time.

How to read it: Available on ComiXology.

Richter Dredd: The Complete Case Files Vol. 5

Exactly for those who were made available free of charge during this Covid-19 period, the fifth volume of the entire volume Judge Dredd contains the culmination of Dredd’s early days, if not the entire over 40-year history of the character: “The Apocalypse War”, in which the remains of Russia go to war with both chemicals against the east coast of the USA and nuclear weapons. The resulting story is both exciting and grimly funny, as it leads to a conclusion that lives up to its name and remains really shocking four decades after its original publication.

How to read it: Available from AD 2000

Mrs. Marvel: No normal

One of the undisputed highlights of the last decade from Marvel’s comic book edition, G. Willow Wilson and Adrian Alphona Mrs. Marvel updates the classic Spider Man Formula with the invention of Kamala Khan, a superhero fan who finds out that her own destiny is far from the dreary future she imagined. Charming, understated and fully aware of how ridiculous (and really wonderful) it really is, it’s all what Tom Holland is Spider Man There are films that show a character that is much more in line with today’s world than Peter Parker has ever made.

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