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5 iPhone 12 Event Predictions That Didn’t Come True (But There’s Still Time, Apple)


Let’s talk about this iPhone screen.

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Apple’s virtual event started on Tuesday with the start of four new iPhone 12s with 5G and potentially massive camera improvements, Plus HomePod mini speaker. However, not every new feature or product from the rumor mill made it into the big event.

Here’s everything we didn’t get at the event today could still see in Novemberif we think Apple could have another big event.

iPhone 12 120Hz screen:: It was rumored that the iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max phones would include a refresh rate of 120Hz for their OLED screens. That means pixels are updated 120 times per second, making for silky smooth scrolling and gameplay. It’s a must have for premium Android phones. However, all four iPhone 12 models have a standard screen refresh rate of 60 Hz – just like the iPhone 11 display.

Look at that:

Apple unveils iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max


Apple Silicon Macs:: Apple could launch its first arm-based Mac this year. It is possible that we would see one Mac Mini, an iMac ($ 1,685 in the back market) or a new rumored laptop. Apple’s devices could come out in November.

AirPods Studio:: The over-ear headphones have been rumored for a long time. This includes noise cancellation and unique sensors that can detect whether they’re on your head or resting on your shoulders.

AirTags:: Rumor has it that a long rumored Apple Smart Tracker Tag has a removable battery and a small circular waterproof design that can be clipped to various items like backpacks and purses to make them easier to find if you lose them. And of course, we expect them to pair with your iCloud account and receive a notification when your iPhone or other Apple device is too far from the day. You will be notified if you may have left it behind.

Update Apple TV hardware:: Apple TV’s current set-top box has not been updated since 2017. Along with an updated rig, we expected a better remote control, faster processor, UWB (Ultra Wide Band) support for finding lost remote controls, and a cheaper Apple TV streaming stick.

You can find more information about the Apple iPhone 12 here everything that was announcedlike Apple did 5G officially with the new iPhone 12 and All iPhone 12 lineup specs.

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Everything Apple announced at its iPhone 12 event


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