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6 Amazon Prime benefits to use for your holiday shopping


Your Amazon Prime benefits make shopping easier.

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You have purchased Cyber ​​Monday and Black Friday deals, but now is the time to complete your Christmas shopping. And if you have an Amazon Prime membership, you want to know how to take full advantage of . You also want these details saved before you start buying gifts.

Did you know that as a Prime member, you can send for free for two days? But did you know that you can receive packages earlier or make an appointment? Delivery date cheaper for you?

December is one of the biggest buying months of the year, when retailers are struggling with sales and perks for their buck. Amazon's massive catalog, loyal subscriber base, and huge shipping empire enable Amazon to aggressively grow your business. Here are all the ways you can shop today with your Prime membership.

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Schedule a cheap shipping date at checkout with Amazon Day.

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Schedule a suitable shipping date for your package.

Everyone knows the free two-day shipping from Amazon. Alternatively, you can select a delivery date during the checkout process. It's called Amazon Day and it's helpful if you know someone's home on a particular day to answer parcels – especially if it's a costly thing you do not want to risk sitting outside unattended.

If you order multiple items on different days, you can have them delivered the same day, provided you are eligible for this offer.

Use your Amazon Echo to track packages.

If you have one With Amazon Echo of all kinds you can track your orders.

Just say "Alexa, where is my package?" and your echo will let you know where it is and when it will arrive. Once your order has been delivered, the Echo Ring Light will flash yellow and if you have the Echo Show, the delivery notification will appear on the screen.

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Use any Amazon Echo to track your packages.

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Buying early bird deals before non-prime members

If you announce early bird specials as a Prime Member, you can purchase these deals 30 minutes before non-prime members. However, you must compete with other members who are also interested in the product before it is sold out.

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Use Prime Now to get what you ordered in a couple of hours.

If you want a product on the same day, you can check if it is available in Prime Now. Amazon delivers from morning to night, so you do not have to worry about getting your order at 3 in the morning.

This style of shopping is handy when you really need to go to the grocery, but you can not risk losing something on this new object, such as a Fresh Echo Device that could come into the trade . Prime Now is not available at all locations. Please enter your postcode at primenow.amazon.com to see if you are eligible.

Share Your Prime Benefits With Your Family Like a life companion or friend, you can share your Prime membership with them in your household. You can still manage your personal accounts separately. This is useful if you are shopping during the holidays, but you both have access to the same prime benefits.

You can also share your account with up to four teenagers and up to four children in your household. Although you have your own logins, you can still manage your profiles.

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Amazon can leave your package in your house.

If you know that you're away from home for a while and a shipment is on the road, it's much safer for an Amazon employee to leave your items in your home to avoid theft.

If you have the Amazon Key Home Kit you can request that your expensive packages be stored for free at your home and even in your vehicle or garage. The kit itself costs $ 290 and comes with a cloud camera and a smart lock. So you're responsible for letting the deliverer in and watching how it happens.

If you're careful to allow a Whole Alien at Your Home remember that you'll also receive alerts throughout the process.

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