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6 Genshin Impact Tips to Help You Survive Teyvat

Genshin Impact took the gaming world by surprise, delivering a huge open world adventure with items to hunt, dungeons to raid, characters to develop, and stories to enjoy. It is icing on the cake to be a free game. Sure, you can spend real money rolling the dice on cool characters and high-level weapons in the game’s cash shop, but developer miHoYo has built in great content that you can enjoy without paying a single dime.

Regardless of your monetary approach, the world of Genshin Impact is huge, dense, and growing all the time. As a result, your early playthroughs can feel a little daunting. The game is liberal with its tutorial messages, but knowing what to work towards can help in the long run. So we̵

7;ve cobbled together six golden tips to keep in mind as you embark on the Genshin Impact Odyssey.

Develop a main character (or two)

Hero development in Genshin Impact

In addition to the beefy open world, Genshin Impact’s great attraction is the many playable characters. Heroes are classified according to their weapon type, be it sword, claymore, bow, spear or magical catalyst. Yes, there are lots of leaderboards and hot attitudes as to which characters are overwhelmed, which are mediocre, and which are trash within their class. Do not get angry about it; Every character has the potential for greatness provided you understand their strengths and weaknesses and build your team accordingly.

That said, it’s easy to dilute your resources by developing a full group at a time. Collecting materials takes time and energy, and many rewards can only be collected on certain days of the week. This means that the rationing of resources between four characters radically slows down the development of the entire group, making it much more difficult to tackle the more difficult content as the game progresses.

Instead, focus on a character or two. It is better to have a single overpowering beast of one character supported by three weak ones than four mediocre characters. In addition to weapons, equipment can also be shared by party members. As you prepare your main character, pass older gear on to your next character to keep it relatively current.

Pair your heroes

Mating heroes in Genshin Impact

Once you’ve committed to developing a hero, the next step is to give the character a combat partner. Elemental synergy is by far the most important combat component of Genshin Impact. in fact, it can make or break your team. For example, when you choose an ice-based hero, you want a partner whose elemental powers complement the ice. In Genshin Impact, ice reacts with a flash of lightning to create the superconducting state, a combo that deals extra damage to enemies and reduces the target’s defense. Ice also reacts with water to create the freezing status. Frozen enemies are immobilized for a few seconds and take additional damage when hit by melee attacks.

Prioritizing elemental affinity is critical and pays off in virtually any fight. As you explore and experiment with team members, you will no doubt find combinations that you prefer. So be sure to experiment with your team to see which ones work best together.

to go shopping

Go shopping at Genshin Impact

Vendors in Mondstat and Liyue (two of the game’s cities) sell valuable items that are worth buying as you upgrade your characters and equipment. The antique shops in both cities sell gem fragments to level up your characters, weapon materials to reinforce your armor, and weapon templates to create new weapons. These items are sold on a very limited scale, but are extremely useful for free players who cannot or do not want to roll the dice for higher-tier equipment using the game’s gacha system.

Note, however, that the antique dealers who sell these wonders only use seals as currency. Seals are awarded for opening chests and completing quests in each region. So you’ll need to do some serious exploration to make enough cash on the more expensive oddities like prototype guns.

Grocers are another valuable resource. You can cook whatever you want in the open world, provided you can find a Breath of the Wild saucepan. However, city-based restaurants like Mondstats Chicken and Mushroom Skewers or Liyue’s Chop Suey sell take-away groceries to replenish your digital pantries. These are available in limited daily quantities. However, consider buying some as you go about your daily chores to ease the burden of cooking.

Grab anything that isn’t nailed down

Genshin Impact collect berries

Every item, be it the booty of defeated enemies or herbs growing on the roadside, has an intrinsic value. Herbs and plants are used in cooking, and some characters need them for development. Jueyun chillies, for example, are valuable in certain spicy dishes, but the spearwoman Xiangling also needs them to advance past level 20. Don’t underestimate items in the wild just because they are common. You’ll need them in some way, shape, or form at some point in the game. So be sure to collect them. Pick up herbs, fruits, and flowers. Grab butterflies from the sky. Break stones and collect ore. Catch fish with your bare hands. Shoot as many boars as you can. Assassinate any monster unlucky enough to cross your path. Everything has something you want so take it all.

Explore the world

Genshin Impact investigates treasure

Play with everything while subtle oddities defile Teyvat. You will come across strange structures, rocks or plants that appear out of place or unnatural. Don’t assume miHoYo has gotten lazy about placing these assets: the sights are weird for a reason. Therefore, examine them. It could be something as mundane as a square patch of carrots or a collection of standing stones. Some are a little more obvious, like a cracked wall or an elemental pillar. Still, you pick those carrots and knock these rocks over; You will be rewarded with a chest, a surprise fight, or both every time. Open your eyes and be careful.

Tinkering, tinkering and tinkering even more

Crafting in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact’s alchemy is nowhere near as scientific or philosophical as it is in our own history, but it still revolves around the transmutation and refinement of elements and materials. Arriving at Mondstat early will give you access to a crafting table where you can brew basic potions using the supplies you have.

At first you are limited to offensive and defense potions, but crafting options expand as you progress through the story. This allows you to convert basic loot to its higher tier variants. This is a godsend if you’re trying to farm materials to upgrade weapons and characters. In addition, the potions brewed at the alchemy table are extremely useful, especially if you decide to challenge enemies or bosses of a certain element that is way above your current level. By increasing your party’s raw elemental damage or improving your defenses against an element, an uphill battle is radically changed. The potion effect lasts for about five minutes, giving you plenty of time to get things done.

With these tips you will explore the world of Genshin Impact. Take your time and have fun with the many wonders of your trip.

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