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6 large book spoilers in the trailer

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You know and I know what that means.
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The first trailer for Denis Villeneuve dune was full of sand that is rough and coarse and goes anywhere. But it also suggested some Key, exciting moments from Frank Herbert’s bookwe just to have To talk about it.

After this Spoiler warning Below we are entering an no-lock zone where anything and everything from the book is up for grabs. For those who haven’t read it and want to go fresh in, I would recommend putting this piece aside for now. But if you’ve already read this Book or don’t worry about spoilers for a 60 year old novel, let’s have fun!

Note: We’ll also be discussing an important reveal from the first sequel. Dune messiah. It is placed at the bottom with an additional spoiler warning.

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1. The tablet

By doing Trailer breakdownI mentioned the Greek-inspired tablet Duke Leto Atreides (Oscar Isaac) examines on Caladan and how it relates to House Atreides’ claims of being descended from King Agamemnon (addressed in) Dune messiah and further explored in other sequels, albeit with mixed results). But there is much more to it than that. The Agamemnon tragedy is a direct parallel to the events of dune and refers to the ongoing theme of the saga’s story that repeats itself.

Agamemnon led the Greek forces in the Trojan War and was tasked with returning his brother’s wife, Helen of Troy, after she was abducted from Paris. The Greeks eventually managed to release Troy against all odds, but Agamemnon was unaware of the real threats that awaited him. On his return home, Agamemnon and his entourage were killed in a great betrayal – orchestrated by his wife Clytemnestra and their lover Aegisthus.

This suggests the same betrayal that is taking place in duneas well as the misinformation that has surrounded it for years. Baron Harkonnen kills Duke Leto and, thanks to a traitor in their midst, destroys the Atreides house in their own home. Then he manages to convince some of the only survivors that Leto’s concubine Lady Jessica was the one who made this possible. It just shows how good Villeneuve is symbolism.

2. The soldiers of Baron Harkonnen

Was anyone else tickled pink when they saw the vast army of soldiers ready to obey the orders of Baron Harkonnen and his nephew Glossu Rabban? That’s because they’re not just any military force: they’re the Sardaukar! This is the elite force of Emperor Shaddam IV, the ruler of the known universe. Famous across the galaxy for their brutal, often unmatched combat tactics – most kids don’t even survive the training process.

They may be disguised as Harkonnen forces (as we see in the recording of Dr. Wellington Yueh), but they are part of the Emperor’s army. The reason they’re helping the Harkonnens is because the Emperor is secretly part of the whole conspiracy. He only gave Arrakis to House Atreides so that he could help House Harkonnen invade and take it back. He helped plan the whole thing to get rid of Duke Leto, whom he viewed as a threat to his rule due to his popularity with the other leaders of the house. This makes him just as responsible as Baron Harkonnen, which later has dire consequences for his empire.

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3. Treasury

One of the biggest events in dune That also seems to play a big role in the movie (based on the trailer) is the Harkonnen invasion of Arrakis. We glimpse some key moments. Duke Leto looks scared at someone who is dying who leaves a bloody handprint on his shirt (in the book it would be Shadout Mapes, a Fremen who works in the palace and is killed after exposing the attack, but we didn’t see him this character on the casting list so it could be someone else) and all the footage of Duncan Idaho, Gurney Halleck, Paul Atreides and others responding to the fight in casual clothes, showing that this was an invasion that took them by surprise .

But the best moment has to be a quick look at Dr. Wellington Yueh walking with the Harkonnen soldiers (who we know are Sardaukar in disguise). This is because Yueh is the one who betrays the Atreides, although his conditioning by the Suk doctor is supposed to prevent him from harming other people. The look on his face at that moment feels like a mixture of guilt, anger, and accomplishment – and I can’t wait to see the consequences.

4. Paul and Jamis’ fight

The trailer contains several shots of the close combat between Paul and Jamis, the Fremen warrior who refuses to let Paul and Lady Jessica into their sietch or into their community. This fight is an important moment in the book and could very well serve as the climax of the first film (although I think the film will end with Lady Jessica becoming the new Reverend Mother of the Sietch). Defeating Jamis solidifies Paul’s place among the Sietch and makes him and his mother full members of the Fremen. He can even choose his “masculinity name”. He selects Paul-Muad’Dib and invokes the name he heard in his vision of a future in which he is the almighty ruler of the universe.

5. Shai-Hulud

The end of the dune There’s something shocking about the trailer – and I’m not just talking about Duncan Idaho, who calls Paul “my Lord Duke,” who portrays Paul as the patriarch of the House of Atreides after his father was killed in the Harkonnen attack. I’m talking about the sandworm stopping to recognize Paul in the middle of the desert.

As we know, Paul rises to lead the house of Atreides and the Fremen on Arrakis, but his fate is so much greater. He is Muad’Dib, the forward-looking ruler who can see the past, present and future – often at the same time. One of the first signs of his greater fate are the sandworms, colossal beings that have a connection to the spice. They are worshiped by the Fremen as physical manifestations of God or “Shai-Hulud”. Only the Fremen have mastered the art of controlling them … until Paul comes into the picture.

Not only does he learn how to ride one, which no other outsider could, but he is also the first man to successfully drink and filter the poisonous water of life (from the body of a baby sandworm) and the wisdom of that comes to old age. Let’s not get into the whole “other” worm thing though, because no, thanks.

The fact that this sandworm pauses to acknowledge the presence of Paul indicates not only his future increase in power, but also the godlike fate that will follow him wherever he goes.

Note: Additional spoiler warning for Dune messiah.

6. Duncan Idaho’s swan song

The trailer shows Duncan Idaho (Jason Momoa) battling Sardaukar soldiers and preparing to “fight like demons”. What is interesting, however, is that two different fights take place. The first one, Duncan wearing civilian clothes, is clearly from the surprise attack when the Harkonnens first invaded Arrakis. The second appears to come from the battle in the desert when Duncan held the sardaukar back so Paul and Lady Jessica could escape. That fight ultimately costs Duncan his life, which means that Momoa most likely won’t appear in the second dune Movie.

However, this is not the end of its story. in the Dune messiahDuncan Idaho was resurrected and returned to Paul Muad’dib’s side mainly because the fans loved him so much. He was turned into a ghola (a type of clone) called Hayt by Tleilaxu, a society known for genetic manipulation and the creation of artificial body parts. Hayt was trained as a mentor and philosopher by the Tleilaxu and seems to have no memory of his earlier life. However, by the end of the book, he has regained his memories and becomes Duncan Idaho again. Does that mean there is hope for Momoa’s future in the future? dune Universe? Maaaaaaybe.

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