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8 Platforms Students Need to Check Before Campuses Are Open Again

Social isolation has suddenly prompted thousands of students to explore academic cyberspace. The number of educational institutions diving into eLearning could alter the way we see education.

As more students are exploring all the ways to keep themselves occupied during these uncertain times, many platforms are seizing the opportunity to introduce new programs.

These platforms facilitate easy learning. They are not restricted to academics, they also aim at improving skills and making the best of a lockdown.


Many institutions are switching to conducting classes online. Yet, there is always a possibility that when the campuses reopen, students would be overwhelmed with assignments. There are going to be a lot more tasks in addition to the homework tasks. Amidst the current scenario, it is clear that not every student is in the right mindset to focus on studies.

That is why it is vital to make a note of EssayPro̵

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Instead of focusing on the negatives, turn around this sudden free time to focus on yourself. FutureLearn, owned by the Open University in the UK, is an excellent online training provider. They offer a wide range of courses, from micro-credentials to online degrees. Students can choose to enroll in a short course or add another skill to their resume.

The majority of these programs are accredited from prominent universities across the world. They include the University College London and the University of Edinburgh. FutureLearn have also partnered with many leading industry names making the certifications valuable. If you are about to graduate or do an internship, such an attestation will undoubtedly do you good.


To spruce things up, why not use this time to learn another language? After all, it would be great when you finally take that backpacking trip to Europe. Memrise is an excellent platform that includes a mobile app for you to dive into language learning. Not only does it offer tips, but it also covers grammar, idioms as well as an option to listen to locals speak.

There are several courses to choose from based on different scenarios. They will prepare you well to impress your college mates.


For those who find coding intriguing, FreeCodeCamp has set up online programs. Now, you can easily pick up some necessary skills for web development. And even better, it is entirely free. There are dozens of courses focusing on different programming languages available.

The founder, Quincy Larson, gives you recommendations on which programs you could merit the most from in the upcoming months. So, grab the opportunity! You might even find yourself wanting to change your career soon enough.


What better place to learn new skills than from the masters themselves? If you want to try out a new learning platform that stands out from the rest, then nothing can beat Masterclass. The site includes over 80 classes across niches such as entertainment, culinary arts, science, technology, writing, and more. MasterClass stands out because of its diversity in learning programs.

Users can access exclusive teaching content from the legends of particular fields. Both articles and videos are available on the platform.


Want to try out anything and everything? Then HowCast has all the right “how-to” videos. The platform includes everything from simple tasks like cooking an egg to how to do plumbing. This is the only website you need to keep you occupied and prepared for the campus opening.

The website is entirely free. You get access to hundreds of tutorials on arts, wellness, cooking, entertainment, home care, and even relationships.


If you haven’t already been binge-watching TED on YouTube, it’s high time you get on track with their talks. It’s an inspirational, informative, and engaging platform to learn new things. It allows looking at common events from different perspectives.

Students, in particular, can have great insight into their future careers, and even advice on picking the right one. Moreover, the videos are entirely free. They cover a plethora of topics and are quite entertaining.

Dave Conservatoire

If music is your passion that was put on hold in college, then Dave Conservatoire is your best bet. The site offers free music lessons. The courses range from reading lessons to understanding of basic concepts to ear training. It’s a great way to learn the theory and how music works in-depth.

There are also video lessons, interactive exercises, and tests to track your progress. If needed, you can also get personal tuition from Dave himself.

While you have time in your hands, do not fail to recognize it as a treasure. Take advantage of the abundant online resources to prepare yourself for future classes. Make sure that you stay on track with your learning habits.