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8K video, 200 MP images, 144 Hz HDR games and more – Technology News, Firstpost

Finally we have details on Qualcomm's flagship Snapdragon 865 chipset, its sleek new x55 modem (with unattainable 7.5Gbps download speeds) and it's crazy new image processing system.

The Snapdragon 865 is the chip we'll see in every major Android phone in 2020. It ranges from the Poco F2 on the OnePlus 8 to Samsung's flagship Galaxy S1

2 smartphones. These phones have not yet been announced, but it's not a big challenge for these phones to be powered by the best of Qualcomm, because what else will they use?

The exception here is Samsung, the only company that is likely to sell Exynos phones in India, while I showcase the 865 in the US market.

But I digress. What's special about the 865 and what Android users can look forward to in 2020:

  Announcement of Qualcomm Snapdragon 865: 8K video, 200 MP images, 144 Hz HDR games, and more

This tiny chip will do it Free the Android flagships of 2020: Image: Anirudh Regidi / Tech2

X55 5G Modem: 7.5Gbps download speed

This optional 5G modem is built to any definition of the Word lightning fast. Theoretically, a maximum data transfer rate of 7.5 Gbps is supported. In the right network environment, this is much faster than a wired Internet connection.

Note that while these phones are fantastic, they are also being sold in India, where the average download speed on mobile connections on a good day does not even reach 3G speeds. In addition, the currently limited bandwidth in India (mmWave) must be supported.

Still, you can be assured that the 4G version is as fast as you might expect.

Hex 698: Twice the AI ​​Performance

While it's easy to put the AI ​​badge on everything, some of the AI ​​stuff has to work in the background. This is where the Hexagon 698 comes into play. Qualcomm calls this his "5th Generation AI Engine", but all you really need to know is that the AI ​​865 is apparently twice as fast as the one he replaces.

What this means is that it's even easier to perform more advanced AI processes on your phone. Features like replacing background in real time with videos, smarter HDR features for images, speech recognition and real-time translation – all this can be done on your phone without the need for an active Internet connection. The new chip is also 35 percent more energy efficient, according to Qualcomm.

Spectra 480 ISP: 200 MP Images, 8K Video

The 865's new image signal processor (ISP) can apparently process image data at 2 gigapixels per second. That means 200 MP still images, 4K HDR video at 60 fps, and even 8K video recording capabilities.

Kryo 585, Adreno 650: "Gaming the Desktop Class"

Although it may not offer desktop-quality gaming, no phone will Outperforming RTX 2080 Ti in combination with an Intel 9900K, Qualcomm is sure to have promising features that were originally the PC's gaming domain.

These features include 144 Hz HDR gameplay, user-updatable video drivers – yes, we're serious – and optimizations that are pushed for big games after release.

Some Optimizations Developed for Games This should also improve the gaming experience by improving picture and color quality in the post. The chip will apparently be able to deliver higher sustained performance over extended periods of time.

Overall, we see 25 percent higher CPU and GPU performance than the 855.

The Snapdragon 865 will do so in the first quarter of 2020.

Disclaimer: The correspondent was appointed by Qualcomm Snapdragon Summit invited to Maui. All costs for travel and accommodation have been covered by Qualcomm.

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