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9 Christmas tree alternatives for small apartments


Each product here is independently selected by mashable journalists. If you buy something special, we may earn an affiliate commission to support our work the holidays: How do you set up a Christmas tree when your home is smaller than one?

Then it's time to think about some Christmas tree alternatives. Wreaths, branches, a large remnant of pumpkin that you have wrapped in tinsel (don't do that) … you can be sure that you can make your room festive without making it inanimate.

Please note that none of these elements should replace a Christmas tree . Nothing can replace a Christmas tree! These are simply fun alternatives for those whose living room cannot accommodate full jaws.

And if it's the smell you're looking for, just light a pine scented candle.

. 1
A wreath

  9 Christmas tree alternatives for small apartments

Here is a simple one. If you get a real wreath (the one above is from L. L. Bean and costs $ 39.95), your home will even smell of pine – one of the main advantages of a Christmas tree.

. 2 A plant

  9 Christmas tree alternatives for tiny apartments

My favorite millennial plant website The Sill has a lovely little Christmas collection, including a small pine tree from Norfolk Island ($ 62) that would look great on a bar cart or very nice kitchen table. Place it in a bright red flower box for maximum cheering.

. 3 Lights only

If your favorite part of the Christmas tree is the lights, we'll get them. Put a few Christmas lights in and then leave them like Taylor Swift (and everyone else. Taylor, everyone will do it) until January.

. 4 A wall hanging

  9 Christmas tree alternatives for small apartments

This cute little branch tree from Target hangs flush against the wall, so you don't have to worry about it taking up space. Bonus: It's only $ 31.

. 5 Twigs

Decorating your walls or mantle with found twigs is a great way to get a rustic, homey look. It's also a great way to prove to your friends that you can tinker.

. 6 A washi-tape tree

If you are in love with the shape of a tree (Ed Sheeran, 2017), you should use washi-tape to sketch one on the wall. It doesn't have a super sticky glue, so you don't have to worry if you peel off the paint from January.

. 7 A big damn bow

The big bow industry is booming, and by that I mean that there are lots of big bows online. You can also make your own. (Please read the tutorial above, it is very complementary.) Thank you, car advertising!

. 8 Put your dog on holiday accessories

Would you rather like to brush pine needles for a month or look at your dog? We thought so.

. 9 Glass bells

  9 Christmas tree alternatives for tiny apartments

Take a large glass and fill the thing with bells. (Buying bells in bulk is easy.) If you feel a lack of holiday mood, just shake the glass. Hear that? It's the bells.

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