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9 Geeky & sometimes romantic movies to stream

The Lobster 's odd non-married couple.
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It's the most romantic season – but it's also the tax time, and your leaked DVDs of The Princess Bride and Shaun of the Dead could take a break use. Fear not, nerds! We've scoured the three great streaming services to find sweet (and not-so-sweet) genre picks that are perfect for watching Valentine's Day.

Not exactly a meeting place.
Image: 20th Century Fox

1. The Adventures of Banzai Buckaroo through the 8th Dimension

Deep in Buckaroo Banzais nussige Verschwörung entangled – about an ingenious scientist slash-rock star and his equally eccentric friends who work to create a boring interstellar to prevent and interdimensional war – is a love story. Buckaroo (Peter Weller) jams with his Hong Kong Cavaliers on stage and notices Penny (Ellen Barkin) sobbing in the audience and stops the show to speak with her. After you for – oops! Arrested – when a gun was fired at the club, he goes to jail and finds that his déjà-vu has encountered something because she is the long-lost, identical twin of his deceased wife. Hey, strange things have happened!

After a short while she is involved in the main adventure, and although she plays a rather small role in a movie in which there is always a lot the two characters, at the end, share a tender and meaningful moment when a little alien intrusion brings her back to Buckaroo's life. If they had just made the promised sequel Buckaroo Banzai Against the World Crime League we would have seen their relationship grow even further, and no doubt Penny would have had the chance to kick a real ass. (Amazon Prime)

This is really the saddest moment in the entire movie.
Image: Warner Bros.

2. Beetlejuice

The love shared by Barbara and Adam Maitland (Geena Davis and Alec Baldwin) is so powerful that they were obviously destined to die the same day – none of this bullshit until death divorces us. In the afterlife, the superfans of Harry Belafonte join forces to do terrifyingly horrible things to pursue their beloved New England home after being beaten by a new family that is being bombarded for malicious renovations – not to mention one certain fascinating bioexorcists. In the end, Barbara and Adam's strong attachment helps make everyone in their orbit happier and more loving … and that goes for the characters in the movies and even for the black-hearted types at home Watch (Hulu)

Clem (Kate Winslet) and Joel (Jim Carrey) in one of Joel's memoirs.
Image: Focus Features

3. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Spirit

Boy meets girl, boy loses girl, boy realizes that the girl has erased him from her memories, the boy decides to go through the same procedure, but regrets it halfway. After all, boys and girls meet for the second time and try again despite everything, because love is so irresistible.

Director Michel Gondry and writer Charlie Kaufman, along with actors Jim Carrey and Kate Winslet, show how exciting it is to discover new love – and the grief that comes with the fading of love – in a way that is not Had film before or since then. And although Eternal Sunshine is certainly a fantasy, it plays its sci-fi elements (the memory extinguisher Lacuna is amazingly simple) in favor of finding the most secret corners and angles of man's mind and heart. Much is deeply sad, but there is also an undeniable feeling of hope. (Netflix)

Suicide of adolescents, do not do it.
Image: New World Pictures

4. Heathers

We recently learned that Riverdale makes a musical episode of Heathers – so there's no better time to revisit the cult classic of 1988, which is about satire informed the hell classes of the high school. All the bees at Westerburg High School are Heather, with the exception of the one named Veronica (Winona Ryder), who has already grown tired of hitting Badboy JD (Christian Slater).

While their relationship ends up being pretty problematic to say the least, their burgeoning romance is pretty adorable – "Our love is God, let's get a slushie!" – until all the murders look like spree-like suicides. In the end, Veronica realizes that it is a drastic but very effective first step to prevent the psycho-social ex from blowing up the school, to restructure the social order of the teens so that the boring outsiders can finally prevail. (Hulu)

Theodore and Samantha (not pictured … because she is an OS) on the beach.
Image: Warner Bros.

5. Her

In Spike Jonze's informal, soon-to-be-future romance, a recently divorced man named Theodore (Joaquin Phoenix) refutes by falling in love with his computer operating system, which is powered by Samantha, a tempting AI (by Scarlett Johansson) , In the world of Her AI-romances of human AI are not completely uncommon – which is understandable, considering how perfect manic-pixie-dreamgirl is the perfect Samantha – but they are not totally accepted either , a point This point of view comes to light when Theodore's incredulous ex-wife makes fun of him for having a date with a computer.

We know from the beginning that there is no real future for Theodore and Samantha for obvious reasons – although the imagination feels almost real. For the most part of the film and its possible separation (for the surprising reason that Samantha himself It has a real, meaningful meaning, along with countless other AIs that has gone too far beyond its intended purpose. (Netflix)

6. Into the Dark: Down

It's no secret that we've become big fans of Hulu and Blumhouse's Into the Dark horror series featuring holiday motifs (the most prominent people to date include New Year, New You and Pooka! ) – and if you have not reached the monthly amount, Valentine's Day is the perfect excuse. Why? Well, because this is the holiday that is tied to the Down though, if you've seen the other episodes that you know Into the Dark much more on horror than anything others are concentrated. [19659008] Daniel Stamm (The Last Exorcism) directs this topic through company employees (Natalie Martinez and Matt Lauria), who get stuck in an elevator after a late day at work. Out of anger becomes panic, but to other things we will not spoil here, except to say Down is a cautious, timely story that is indeed very dark. Xoxo!

. 7 The Lobster

Yorgos Lanthimos achieved his greatest critical success and mainstream reach with The Favorite but many people first heard the Greek debut of the 2015 filmmaker in English thanks to Black Comedy . The Oscar-nominated script offers one of the darkest and funniest relations between a relationship that imagines a world in which all human beings must mate, although there is also an outsider community of "loners" who are nowhere near as free as You. "d think.

The basic requirement that all humans have a particular partner or be turned into an animal is absurd enough, but becomes exponentially more shrill when used in the hotel resort environment (and the adjacent forest). (as well as a heavily supervised nearby city) and all the cruel quirks that continually appear in The Lobster – as well as the fact that humans must have a physical or mental error to vote Colin Farrell and Rachel Weisz are a perfect couple who want to (and should) be a wannabe couple who want to negotiate their feelings in a world that does everything to settle everything about love. (Netflix)

Scott (Michael Cera) slobbers over Ramona
Image: Universal Pictures

8. Scott Pilgrim vs. The World

Even if you think that the title character (ak Michael Cera) is an irritating little crap, there is still much to love (and many other very cool characters, some of them too). I think he's a shit in Edgar Wright's adaptation of Bryan Lee O & # 39; Malley's comic from 2010. The slacker wannabe rock star Scott already has a worshiping girlfriend, but he's completely new to a girl in the town of Ramona Flowers (Mary Elizabeth Winstead).

Soon he realizes, however, that he will court her. You have to win a series of battles with her various "evil" exes – and break up with the younger girl who thinks he is the most radical thing ever. There has never been a rom-com like this lively, energetic, video-game-inspired story about young love, whose (mostly) lovable cast is filled with future big names like Chris Evans, Brie Larson, Aubrey Plaza and Anna Kendrick. (Netflix)

9. Time Traveler's Wife

Ok, we had to include a movie that is not afraid to be extremely slender and trite … though the very complicated relationship in their center is about the same as that of Sci-fi is possible. Rachel McAdams plays the title character; Eric Bana plays the guy who pulls through time, a genetic ability that is less impressive by the fact that he can not control it at all. He appears as arbitrary as he disappears, a rough life, no matter how you look at it, but made even worse by his growing desire to hang out with his lover, a woman he "visited" since she was a small child ( though their romance ages only when it's absolutely age-appropriate.)

Audrey Niffenegger's best-selling novel is currently adapted for HBO by Steven Moffat, but this movie version of The Time Traveler's Wife appeared in 2009, which is – entertaining fact – the first of McAdams' film series (with later footage Midnight in Paris and About Time )]), in which her character is romantic associated with a time traveler. Apparently this drama is worth it if true love is at stake. (Amazon Prime)

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