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A first look at Microsoft’s new Xbox Series X console

Microsoft’s Xbox Series X console requires you to stand tall, loud, and proud. At least that’s my immediate impression after looking at a broken Xbox Series X device from Microsoft early on. It’s not as big as I expected from the Series X photos, but the dimensions could make positioning it in your living room a challenge.

The console is 151 mm (5.9 in) wide or deep and 301 mm (11.8 in) high, making it too big even on the side to fit in my TV stand, which currently has a satellite TV box and an Xbox One X are housed.

Xbox Series X versus Xbox One X.

Xbox Series X on its side with the stand sticking out to the left.

It is clear that the X series was designed primarily for vertical orientation. This is how Microsoft always shows it in marketing collateral. And the console looks uncomfortable because the lower stand protrudes to the side when laid horizontally. Almost like it … fell over. If you’re thinking about how an Xbox Series X will fit into your setup, I’d recommend placing it vertically like a PC tower, unless you don’t care how it looks (or if it’s hidden).

The Xbox Series X is also twice as wide as the Xbox Series S. The smaller Xbox from Microsoft is 275 mm high, 151 mm deep and 63 mm wide in the vertical position. The size differences are especially noticeable when you place the two next-generation consoles side by side. Here you can find more photos and impressions of the Xbox Series S.

There isn’t much else to say about the design of the Xbox Series X than was previously said. On the back there are two USB ports in addition to an Ethernet port, a memory expansion slot and an HDMI 2.1 output. There is a single USB port and the 4K Blu-ray drive on the front. The main cooling system for the Xbox Series X is on top of the console, where there is a “whisper-quiet fan”. We won’t know how quiet this fan is until the complete test units arrive.

Microsoft is launching the Xbox Series X on November 10th at $ 499. Pre-orders will start on September 22nd.

Photography by Tom Warren / The Verge

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