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A foldable iPhone? Could be from Apple, which supposedly orders foldable Samsung samples

RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK – Rumors that Apple is planning a foldable iPhone gained credibility Thursday. Apple has reportedly ordered foldable display samples from Samsung.

Samsung offers its own foldable smartphone and, according to MacRumors, is already an important supplier to Apple.

The most recent presentation took place on Thursday, when a “leaker” published information about the Chinese social media giant Weibo and was advised by MacRumors that it is the largest Apple-related news site.

A “large number” of foldable displays for use as samples are said to have been ordered.

“Samsung will apparently deliver the devices to Apple for a year,”

; said MacRumors. Samsung is a “main supplier” to Apple and offers OLED screens for iPhones. “The leaker also seemed to emphasize the immediacy of this development, which may imply that the assignment is about to begin.”

Eric Slivka, editor-in-chief of MacRumors, told WRAL TechWire that the leaker known as the “Ice Universe” is “a relatively regular and reliable source, mostly for Android-related topics but occasionally provides information about Apple.”

Talk of a foldable iPhone isn’t new, but MacRumors has created a model of what such a phone might look like. (The picture accompanies this post.)

Samsung photo

The Samsung Galaxy Fold

So is this new report any indication that a foldable device is really coming?

“We don’t have a good sense of how reliable this exact rumor is as it is pretty detailed and very similar to another rumor from a year and a half ago,” said Slivka.

However, in its story, MacRumors points out that “the repeated suggestion of Samsung’s involvement and the orders placed by Apple provide a more concrete indication that work on a foldable” iPhone “is continuing.”

Apple has a product update event scheduled for Tuesday, September 15th.

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