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A Game of Space ‘, trailer & release date

Ubisoft released its newest VR title today. AGOS: A game of space. The space simulation developed for VR is slated to be released on PC VR headsets next month.

in the AGOS: A game of space Ubisoft says players will “take an interstellar journey to reach a new habitable planet. Players will be the AI ​​operating the last ship to leave a doomed earth and guide a group of survivors through eight unique star systems to find a new home. “

The AGOS The announcement trailer shows players customizing modular probes for different tasks, although it̵

7;s not entirely clear whether the probes are controlled in the first or third person. Players can expect to “research and purge resources, unlock new technologies and face the dangers of space in order to save life on board your ship and save humanity during this extraordinary journey”.

Though just announced AGOS: A game of space has a release date of October 28th (just over a month away). The game is exclusive to VR headsets and will be available on Oculus PC (Rift, Quest via Link) and SteamVR.

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Some may remember the news last year that Ubisoft ramped up production of a new AAA VR game. Some reports suggest the company had signed a deal to develop Oculus-exclusive VR games based on Faction and Assassin’s Creed. Given the size of the AGOSDue to the lack of existing intellectual property, this is likely to be a different project overall.

While most major game development studios have yet to devote any significant resources to creating VR games, Ubisoft has pioneered the VR space with five titles already released for VR users at home. Additionally, the company’s Ubisoft Escape Games brand has developed several out-of-home VR escape rooms.

Surprisingly, Ubisoft’s VR titles have largely fallen short of “must-play” status given the studio’s pedigree, and their focus on multiplayer has resulted in many games stalling without a stable number of players. AGOS appears to be a single player game, so Ubisoft may have finally realized the risks associated with player-only VR games.

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