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A Guide for Non-Tech Founders – TechCrunch

For founders who You have a startup idea – but few technical skills to make it happen. The team’s initial technical adjustment can be a daunting task.

Non-technical founders face greater challenges when it comes to sourcing and recruiting talented engineers, but one more factor that increases the stakes: They often need to act quickly to find someone who may have co-founder status.

We interviewed a handful of startup founders and tech leaders to get their thoughts on how non-tech founders should approach the engineer # 1 hiring process. 1.

Her advice included dealing with technical interviews, sourcing technical talent, and deciding if your first technical assistant should become a CTO ̵

1; and the best way to kick the can down the street if you’re not ready to worry about hiring another engineer. Everyone I spoke to was quick to point out that their tips are not for everyone and that overcoming limited knowledge often boils down to finding the right people to help you and better understand your options.

I’ve broken these tips down into a digestible guide that focuses on four areas:

  • Recruitment of technical candidates.
  • How to conduct interviews.
  • Make an offer.
  • Go a non-traditional way.

Recruitment of technical candidates

Of course, knowing what you’re looking for depends a lot on what you need. Founders have more flexibility if they just want to bring engineers on board so they can get an MVP out the door. However, technical expertise is only part of the equation when looking to hire someone who might be a co-founder or CTO.

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