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A huge Pixel Buds update is coming very soon

The idea that Google could handle his Pixel buds Similar to the Pixel range of cell phones, the high price is certainly easier to swallow. I’m talking about the potential that features can be added over their lifespan, thanks to Pixel Feature Drops or something like that, we̵

7;ll see the first of them.

According to a report ForbesGoogle has confirmed that the first feature drop for the Pixel Buds will arrive next month (August). This is the latest information on a decline in Pixel Buds functionality since its launch in the U.S. market.

We do not have an exact date (end of August) nor do we know what will be included in the update fallAssuming that Google has the same focus as pixel phones, this should mean new features. For example, one feature we think we’ll see soon is the detection of crying or barking, which could cause your buds to alert you when they hear a sound from just that, a crying baby, or a barking dog. Google should probably also provide an equalizer for the Pixel Buds app.

The other part of this update will most likely fix remaining bugs that users have been complaining about for weeks. The Pixel Buds are still experiencing issues with audio dropouts or snippets, reconnection, and media playback stability that Google has already confirmed and will fix soon. This would be a continuation of the June update (version 296), which tried to fix the hissing sound that some claimed to hear.

You have to admit that the time for a major feature drop update next month makes sense, as Google has now confirmed that the Pixel Buds will be available in new colors. What better way to sell your real wireless earbuds for $ 179 in Oh So Orange, Quite Mint, and Almost Black than with new features?

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