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A lot of toys as well as toys, instant pots and iPads

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Image: walmart

Nov. 1st is unofficially the beginning of the gifting madness, and the biggest players in the online shopping game did not hesitate to put their massive Black Friday ads in the way. Thanks to our sidekicks at BlackFriday.com, in 2018 we were able to release ad scans from Target, Kohl's and Macy's right after their release. Walmart stayed behind to lurk in the shadows and let us wait-and then of course he dropped the ad scan at midnight.

Walmart has (and is rightly) named America's Best Toy Shop this year, so we assumed the 2018 Black Friday ad would be full of mostly toys, with not much else – we did wrong. This thing is full of adult toys and we are thrilled.

Chosen by children for children, Walmart's ad bursts with the hottest toys of 2018. There are the classic things like hot wheels and Disney princesses and the new things like hoverboards and hatchimals – whatever these are. We do not have to understand it, all that matters is that your children will scream with joy when opening.

The most pleasant surprise, however, was not just a plethora of technical material in general, but a plethora of one-of-a-kind pieces we've never seen before: gaming consoles and laptops, VR headsets, iPads, Instant Pot Lux, Bose headphones and much more as well as your expected bath things, home things and tools.

Here are some of the best deals, but you can leaf through the 36 pages of madness (in a good way) here. According to the ad, the online offers start on November 21 at 10 o'clock. EST.

This is unique – most major retailers would not be caught dead without the instant pot, but Walmart is the only place where we have seen him reduce the price of the eight-quart-lux instead of the lux duo six quarters. The Lux can do everything the duo can do except yogurt. If you or the gourmand you donate to will really make a lot of yogurt, this is a rare chance to grab a large eight-quarter instant pot at a cheap price. Save $ 40 and give away for $ 59.

An adult toy, this sloppy HP Pavilion gaming notebook features a giant 15.6-inch 1920×1080 thin-bezel FHD display and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 graphics cards for true-to-life gaming accuracy and an Intel 8th generation Core i5 + 8300H processor to keep things moving and avoid delays. With a colorful, backlit keyboard for everyday gaming, every player on your list is thrilled. Save $ 230 and give it away for $ 529.99.

Getting involved with Team iPad has never been cheaper. In March 2018, Apple announced an iPad with a focus on education, which should only be referred to as "iPad" and was available at the lowest price so far for the iPad. It's the first non-pro model to support the outstanding Apple Pencil, making it ideal for creative professionals and children. With an updated camera, a faster processor and an A10 Fusion chip, the new iPad also works with AR kit apps. Usually priced $ 329, you can save $ 80 and give away for $ 249.

Let's go: If there's a video game that knows how to play every then it's Mario Kart . Players who (somehow) do not have a counter will be thrilled, but it's also a great gift for literally almost everyone. With the ability to switch from a handheld to two joysticks for a multiplay, your Giftee will never be bored again. Save 90 € and a gift if you receive 299 €. (The regular price of a switch is $ 299, which means it basically gets the latest Mario Kart for free.)

Yes, these things are still popular – you have to admit that they're fun do. The best hoverboard that Walmart currently has to offer (currently sold out). The Hover-1 Liberty Hoverboard features two driver monitors that can be controlled separately or with both feet for smooth curves and breaking. With an IPX4 water resistance level, it's safe for the child on your list to get stuck in the rain or roll through a puddle and the side LED lights ensure road safety. Save $ 99 and give away for $ 99.

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