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A playable build of the never released StarCraft: Ghost apparently leaked online

A video and screenshots that appear to be from a playable Xbox build of the never-released StarCraft: Ghost leaked online this weekend. It is a fascinating piece of game history. StarCraft: Ghost was a third-person shooter in the Blizzard StarCraft universe that was set to be released on Nintendo GameCube, Xbox and PlayStation 2, but never saw the light of day due to a rocky , years of development history (about which you can read everything in this great feature from Polygon ).

These new pictures and videos give us a better idea of ​​how this game could have looked and played. Information from the leak appears to have been widely distributed for the first time in a tweet from Andrew Borman the curator for digital games at the Museum of Play:

Since then a good amount of footage has appeared on YouTube, of which we have listed some below. (Note that other footage with footage has been removed from the game, so there's always a chance they'll be removed as well.)

The apparent build is said to come from an Xbox development kit, reports Kotaku ] and now that it's shared online, people seem to be finding ways to play it to record and share footage.

In this video, for example, it looks like someone is loading the game onto a modified Xbox 360:

Other videos seem to be direct footage from the game itself. In this seven minute video you can see part of the gameplay. The main character Nova operates a kind of base, shoots some villains (including zerglings), loots objects and accesses a database:

There is also this video, a compilation of conversations that Nova has with other characters:

And an intrepid YouTube user catalogs quotes from in-game units in a playlist. Here is one of these videos as an example:

It is really interesting to see this supposed footage of the game. I remember reading about StarCraft: Ghost when I was younger and really looking forward to playing it one day. At least now I can get an idea of ​​what the game might have looked like in action.

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