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A solid home office chair

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Some people swear by that Aeron. Others sit on balls. And others on purpose destroy yourself on chairs from hell. One thing is certain, however: a good, solid office chair is your home work Friend.

This is the tCentric Hybrid: a good, solid office chair. Designed and built in Mississauga, Ontario, these chairs are mostly seen north of the border, but have recently spread across the United States. The chairs are armor. The model I tested, a black tCentric mesh with a headrest, costs $ 950 and weighs about 50 pounds total, with most of the density in the heavily reinforced nylon base.

The rest of the package is what you’d expect from a sturdy, sophisticated office chair. The whole thing is made of hardened nylon plastic, which is covered with mesh. The back has a distinctive, inflatable lumbar support system and three levers, including height control and locking, to prevent leaning back. The armrests can be rotated 360 degrees and you can bring them closer or give yourself an iron throne-like space. Once I got it into a position that I liked, I definitely noticed differences in posture and an increase in comfort, especially over other chairs – including a large blue yoga ball – that I used during the Pandemic.

As a longtime Aeron user, I can say this chair is decidedly different. As I mentioned earlier, it’s built like a tank, with buttons and controls that feel better on industrial equipment. The little lumbar support inflation button alone could do double the job as a bike pump, and the armrest buttons feel like bulbs until you squeeze them with an adorable resistance. It’s a stronger, more robust, and far more comfortable alternative to the comparatively more spindle-shaped chairs offered by Office Depot and even by high-end manufacturers.

That is to be expected. The manufacturers of tCentric, a company called ergoCentric, have been making chairs for industrial environments since 1990. This is the latest in a long line of seats designed to withstand apocalyptic conditions. Given that we all sit at home these days, something like the tCentric is worth checking out.

So the question is whether this is worth the high price. ErgoCentric chairs are fully customizable from the back to the wheels and you can choose different configurations at different prices. The chairs come fully assembled and ready to drive, so you don’t have to attach the base to the seat or snap the wheels into place. Once you set it up properly, you will find that it is very convenient. You can order them in bulk for your nonexistent office or just email the company for a quote. The tCentric starts at $ 900, which is definitely more than what I would dump on a chair before trying this thing out myself. Now that we spend hours on these things as we near doom and imagine how nice it would be to go to the office for happy hour again, I can see the draw.

As a sciatica (among other things), the tCentric is a solid improvement over anything I’ve sat in over the years. Because the seat is so solid and the actual size is so big, you definitely feel it more in this chair than in a normal office chair. From a distance it looks like a captain’s chair Star Trek instead of a measly desk chair. ÖOf course I assume so You have space for something so big, but so does ergoCentric offers Home office specific stuff when your angle is too small.

You spend a significant part of your life in an office chair. It’s hard to indulge your poor bum with something as beautiful as the tCentric, especially when someone else picks up the tab.

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