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A striking mix of cool and ridiculous

Play The sentence made me regret that I had never played any of the Yakuza games for the last ten years.

The judgment focuses on Takayuki Yagami, a private detective and former lawyer who eventually investigated a series of murders with possible ties to the yakuza. It's a great set-up of intrigue and drama, and the first two hours I've been able to play in a preview event have made me addicted.

I was so excited in Judgment that I bought a copy Yakuza 0 made by the same developer (Sega) and a fairly similar style of play. I have not been so excited about playing a game in a while.

Besides the story and the interesting characters, one of the things that occupied me most at Judgment was his style. It has so much style, style to spare.

First of all, Yagami is incredibly cool. His behaviors. His leather jacket. His boaster. His hair. It's all so good. He goes confidently into situations that are ready to prostrate immediately.

  Yagami is everything I want to be.

Yagami is everything I want to be.

Yagami takes himself incredibly seriously, and everybody does it the way he does otherwise. That makes the light and the funny moments so great, and there are many of them.

In a moment, Yagami grins at a bar owner about a murder that took place the night before. The next moment Yagami beats a hooligan into the ground with a bicycle. And to end the evening, he will occasionally hit a cage to win prizes.

It's kind of satisfying to see the coolest people you can imagine doing ridiculous things.

Between the captivating main story, the variety in gameplay and scenarios were a fantastic soundtrack and a grand cast (which is performed entirely in Japanese and English), Judgment the feeling that It never gets boring, which never gets boring becomes important for a game where the main story alone lasts 30 or more hours.

  The Yakuza are not people you want to cross.

The Yakuza are not people you want to cross.

For fans of the series Yakuza The verdict has a very similar DNA, although they do not take over the reins of characters who are Yakuza and ex-Yakuza, but rather outside of the criminal world you look, it looks very different, but it feels familiar to anyone who lives in Kamurocho, Japan, in yakuza .

spent at least a couple of hours strolling through the streets would like to plunge me straight into the full game, but that should not come to the West until the summer of 2019

In the meantime, I spend the lost time with the Play Yakuza and realize that I should have played this series all the time.

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