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A Tesla cybertruck mishap, a massive data leak and more news

Hackers steal and Elon squeaks, but first: a cartoon about subscription dreams.

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Today's News

Meet the Tesla Cybertruck, the Ford Fighting Pickup by Elon Musk. He demonstrated that it can bring a sledgehammer to the door without leaving a scratch, and he also accidentally demonstrated that it can not bring a ball to the window . But behind the show and Elons audible unbelief on stage is a truck with a range of 500 miles and the torque that emanates from an electric motor. It is an important new market expansion for Tesla. Now all that's left is to put the damned thing into production.

1.2 billion records made available online on a single server

Hackers have long used stolen personal information to break into accounts and cause havoc. And a dark web researcher found a database on an unsecured server. The 1.2 billion records do not include passwords, credit card numbers, or social security numbers, but mobile phone numbers, social media profiles, and email addresses – a good place to start for someone trying to steal your identity.

Fast Fact: 2025

This year, NASA is expecting the launch of its first mission to Europe, where water vapor was recently discovered. The mission to Jupiter's moon is to peer under the icy cover of Europe to find evidence of life.

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