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A trio of free games worth $ 45 are available to download from Epic this week

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If you are a player – or only occasionally visit the Cheapskate sites – you probably know that Epic Games gives away one or more free games every week. In this first week of April, Epic is giving away three games that offer you everything: party game action, exploration, adventure and even a shot of battle. Until April 9, you can download Drawful 2 and Gone Home for Windows or Mac and Hob only for Windows. The total retail value of these games is $ 45.

Do you want more free games? Amazon offers Prime subscribers 5 free games worth over $ 1

00 . So look at that too. Spoiler Alert: One of the titles is a revised version of Turok, a first-person shooter hunting for dinosaurs that I remember when I played the devil out of my back.

Have fun!

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Drawful 2 comes from Jackbox Games, the inventor of the Jackbox Party Pack and many other great party games. Drawful 2 is a Pictionary-like group game where the goal is to sketch a picture on your phone or tablet using a command prompt, and then anyone can vote on what the picture represents. Now that we're all socially distant, you can also play Drawful remotely with distant friends and relatives.

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In this adventure game you come home after a year abroad. You expect your family to greet you, but the house is empty – where did everyone go? Put on your exploration and detective caps because you have to research, investigate and solve the puzzle.


Hob is a lively, exciting action-adventure game that is presented entirely without text or dialogue. When you explore the world, you can solve puzzles, participate in the fight and repair the world you live in.

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