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A trip to the movies could soon feel like going to the airport

Hello and welcome to another issue of The Monitor, WIRED’s cultural news summary. Today we have some updates on a new HBO series, sia singles and the future of the theater experience. Let’s go.

Soon it could feel like going to the airport to go to the cinema

If you’ve read WIRED, you may have seen states like Texas cancel corona virus-required home stay orders and allow certain companies to reopen. In some cases, these companies include cinemas. According to a report in diversitySome movie theaters in Austin and San Antonio were the first to open their doors – but what people found on the other side might not be what they expected.

To reduce the risk of Covid-1

9 infection, EVO Entertainment and Santikos Entertainment take a number of security measures to protect their employees and customers. EVO, which today opens two theaters, will have what CEO Mitchell Roberts calls “airport security style check-ins.” There, customers are subjected to an infrared temperature test and asked if anyone in their household has had symptoms for the past two years. Santikos opened three locations on Saturday where, according to CEO Tim Handren, things will run like a “fine-tuned machine with all the necessary protocols”.

Texas governor Greg Abbott allowed theaters to open last Friday at a quarter of their capacity. Institutions like Santikos and EVO are now a litmus test for how theater could work in the foreseeable future. Both require discounted ticket prices (around $ 5), change the catering service to allow for social distance, and require staff to wear masks and gloves. It is too early to say whether this will be successful – both in terms of admissions and general public health – but Handren sounds hopeful. “We work more for psychological value than for net income,” he said diversity. “That’s what theaters are for – an escape.”

The first trailer for Jordan Peeles Lovecraft Land Looks great

HBOs Lovecraft Land is nothing more than a mixture of a lot of serious things, which are combined into an amazing looking program. The series is based on Matt Ruff’s 2016 horror novel and is written by Jordan Peele and J.J. Abrams and follows Atticus and his friend Letitia on their 1950s Jim Crow America trip to find Atticus’ missing father. As you can imagine, very strange things arise. The series will premiere on HBO in August.

Sia drops a new single for Covid-19 Relief

With summer fast approaching and many people (rightly) still stay at home to slow the spread of the corona virus, many people could now use a fun new song to dance to at home. See: Sia. The pop singer released a new single on Friday night during the Americares Foundation’s “Covid Is No Joke” live stream. The song, co-written by pop star Dua Lipa, is called “Saved My Life” and all proceeds from the sale of the track go to Americares and CORE Response’s relief efforts. Listen to the title below.

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