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A Utah man pleads guilty to gambling service outages in 2013 – TechCrunch

A man from Utah has been found guilty of computer hacking charges after he announced five years ago to take offline several gaming services.

23-year-old Austin Thompson launched several denial-of-service attacks on Origin, Sony Playstation and Valve Steam games during the December holiday season of 2013.

At the time, these denial-of-service attacks were made by some players Almost impossible – many of them had previously bought new consoles or games for Christmas, including League of Legends and Dota 2 because they required access to the network.

Details of Thompson's pleading were not publicly available at the time of writing, but prosecutors said Thompson, at 1

8 years old at the time of the attacks, had "flooded the networks of gaming giants with enough Internet traffic to take them offline."

Thompson would use his Twitter account, @DerpTrolling, to announce his goals ahead of time and post screenshots of rundown services after his attacks. The Thompson attacks caused over $ 95,000 in damage, prosecutors said.

"The attacks often killed gaming servers and related computers around the world for hours," South California Public Prosecutor Adam Braverman said in a statement

"Denial-of-service attacks cost companies millions of dollars every year "Braverman said. "We are committed to finding and pursuing those who disrupt business, often just for the ego."

Thompson faces imprisonment of up to ten years and is scheduled to be sentenced in March.

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