Cloud storage can be useful, but only if it actually works. It was only last week when Google Drive experienced a major outage, but the service is already having more technical difficulties to resolve as users have been plagued by errors and high latency issues this morning.

Around 10:30 a.m. (East), Google posted an update to the drive status page confirming that certain users were experiencing error messages, latency issues, and other behaviors that you generally don’t want from a service you wouldn’t normally want to see trust your personal, professional and / or educational files.

The issues should now be largely resolved, despite Google apologizing and reiterating that system reliability is a top priority. There̵

7;s no word on what caused the problems, but let’s hope it wasn’t another rogue router screwing things up. Last week’s outage kept people off Drive all morning, and today’s problems lasted for hours too. The excuse for doing my homework may be a classic, but I think Google Drive ate my homework and is possibly a more modern slang.