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According to Hired – TechCrunch you will find the most requested programming jobs and languages ​​here

Are you looking for a high-paying, sought-after job as a programmer? Learning coding for blockchain applications is the way to go, according to a survey by employment agency Hired.

In a survey of 98,000 developers on the company's platform, Hired evaluated the most requested types of jobs; the languages ​​that companies are most interested in; and the best average salaries for careers in several major technology markets, including London, New York, Paris and San Francisco.

The results – as they say – may surprise you.

You probably will not do it. For the industry as a whole, demand for blockchain engineers and safety engineers has risen the most, according to Hired. Firms requesting programmers with Blockchain experience rose by a staggering 51

7% in 2018, while the search for security engineers grew 132%, according to the company.

The highest average paid salaries, according to Hired, were shared among safety engineers, search engineers, blockchain engineers, natural language engineers, machine learning engineers, and gaming engineers.

Here is the breakdown for San Francisco.

"Blockchain engineers are among the top three in New York, San Francisco, and Toronto," wrote Hired chief executive Mehul Patel in a blog post about the data. "Using salary data for software engineers in key tech hubs also highlights how much talent needs vary from city to city. For example, gaming engineers in New York are the highest paid group, while salaries for natural language engineers in Toronto skyrocket.

Despite growing demand, blockchain capabilities are still not prominent among developers. Only 12% of programmers surveyed on the Hired platform said they wanted to learn the most about the technology.

This separation also applies to the most requested programming languages ​​and the number of developers who have experience with programming language.

Candidates who use the Go programming language are the most sought-after candidates, according to the Hired report, but only 7% of developers said they mainly worked with her in a survey.

Other languages, such as Scala, Ruby, Typescript, and Kotlin, are also highly valued by employers, but have a lower penetration rate in the developer community. Globally, Go is the most popular programming language employers are looking for, while in San Francisco and Toronto there is a greater demand for typoscript experience, the hired report said.

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