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According to Musk – TechCrunch, Tesla 's Cybertruck will have a solar charging option

Tesla unveiled its cyber-pressure pickup last night, a science fiction wedge made from the same steel alloy SpaceX uses for its starship Starship.

Elon Musk spent about 20 minutes demonstrating the truck with demos ranging from a tug of war against a F-150 over Porsche races to a not-quite-a-fair window test.

This morning Elon trickles out more details he could not help but mention something on stage – so they plan to offer a solar charging option.

While it looks like Tesla is still working out the exact details, Elon throws some light on the solar charging option via tweet :

The long, angled sides of the cybertruck Can be used well as solar panels – the entire cover of the "Vault" truck bed is practically a large flat surface eventually. However, do not expect that a solar charge of cybertruck will draw all of its power from the sun. Solar cells are simply not that efficient. Musk suggests that the current design could generate about 24 km of charge per day, while conceptual "fold-out solar wings" could potentially take 30-40 km per day. Enough to get around in the city, but on long journeys you probably still have to go the normal way. But hey, that's more than 24 kilometers that were taken from the sun !

(It fits in perfectly with the post-apocalyptic look / feel of cyber-printing.) No grid, no problem, SEEYA LATER, ROBOCOP.)

There are still many things to sort out – how much the option costs could, how these "solar wings" could look like, whether they will be ready at launch, etc. Since Cybertruck is not supposed to go into production until the end of 2021, they have time to find out.

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