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According to one user, the fog in the Galaxy Note 20’s camera is normal according to Samsung

The recently announced Galaxy Note 20 was launched in Korea. unsurprisingly, they gain a lot of popularity immediately after being released. However, it seems that some users of the device are dissatisfied with the device, which may indicate a fatal flaw in the camera system. One such user, known by the nickname ‘Stinger1’, increased Samsung’s Korean community forum posted photos of the device showing the Note 20’s three rear lenses completely covered in fog. The post explains that the phenomenon occurs when the phone experiences temperature changes, e.g. B. when it is brought into an air-conditioned building indoors from a hot summer̵

7;s day. A number of users have commented on similar experiences, which confirms this report.

What is even more surprising is that the user will share his experience in a Blog post on the Korean portal site Naver explaining that the device was taken to a Samsung service center to have it checked out. To their great regret, the device was found to be normal and the user apparently received an official message from Samsung regarding the issue.

According to the report, the problem can occur if ambient moisture penetrates the device through pressure-regulating ventilation slots and condenses into fog in the event of “extreme temperature changes”. Terrifyingly, the message also states that due to the natural phenomenon, Samsung is not required to provide repairs or replacements. Users are supposedly warned to simply avoid temperature contrasts when using the device.

For now, the problem doesn’t seem to affect camera functionality directly, but it makes captured photos virtually unusable as shown in the sample photo below. The problem is when it is widespread and not just a few isolated cases, it is even more serious when you consider that it affects all of the lenses on the phone and cannot be solved by software updates.

An important point is that these reports are not yet officially substantiated. Samsung has not acknowledged the issue on any of its official platforms, and the company’s alleged response has yet to be confirmed as well. The PhoneArena team reached out to Samsung and has not yet received a response. Because this is an evolving issue, this article will be updated as relevant information becomes available.

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