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Add a touch of Mac Pro cheese grater chic to your desk with this PC case

I think the new Mac Pro looks pretty good (yes, even if it looks like a giant cheese grater), but I do not want to (or have to) pay $ 5,999 just to have it on my desk. However, if, like me, you dream of having a Mac Pro at a possibly cheaper price at your desk, Dune, a PC maker, is launching a Kickstarter for the Dune Pro, a Mac Pro-style PC case.

It looks remarkably similar to the new Mac Pro with a large stainless steel frame, simple holes for ventilation in the front and back, two USB-C ports on the top of the case and an aluminum case for all your components.

However, the Dune Pro lacks the cool twist grip of the Mac Pro, which allows you to remove the entire shell to access the inside of the computer. Instead, you seem to have to carefully lever off the aluminum sides to get into the computer. Of course, the Dune Pro also lacks the Mac Pro's custom motherboard with its dedicated Thunderbolt 3 backbone for proprietary MPX module expansion cards.

If you really want to have the full potential In the Mac Pro cheese grater look, Dune will apparently sell a "silencing accessory," which is a completely new front panel with grid holes.

PCWorld seems to have got hold of the case early, and you can see it from every angle in this video if it does build a PC in the housing.

If you want to know how many components you can use Check out Dune Pro's overview page and specifications. According to Dune, you can preorder the Dune Pro from October 21st at Kickstarter.

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