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Adele returns to host ‘Saturday Night Live’ with musical guest HER

British singer and number 1 breakup songwriter of the century Adele is set to return to the United States Saturday night live Stage on October 24th. Not as a musical guest, but as a moderator of the episode.

A tweet from her Twitter account confirmed her hosting obligations and announced that the musical guest for the episode would be R&B singer HER

Adele was a musical guest on SNL For the first time in 2008 when she was promoting her debut album 19th. She was also a musical guest in 201

5, the day after the release of her second album, 25th. This will be her first time on the show without being invited as a musical guest.

Although Adele’s music has only appeared on the show twice before, it has influenced some of them SNLmore popular sketches.

On the November 12, 2011 episode, her song “Someone Like You” was used in an Emma Stone sketch that quickly became a meme for the far too reliable image of Stone crying in a tub of ice. Several actors played the British singer in a 2015 Thanksgiving sketch that used the song “Hello”.

Given her history on the show (and her golden pipes), it’s possible Adele might have the SNL Stage with singing at some point in their episode. The show’s moderation is sure to spark speculation that their long-awaited third album might be just around the corner.

Fans have to adjust Saturday night live on October 24th to find out.

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