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Adobe adds the Refine Edge Brush and Rotate Canvas tool to Photoshop for iPad

When Adobe launched Photoshop for iPad late last year, updates were regularly added to add missing features that are available on the desktop but not in the tablet version of the software.

Adobe is keeping its promise today with a Photoshop for ‌iPad‌ update that introduces the brush to refine the edge and the tool to rotate the canvas.

The brush for refining the edges enables a much more precise image selection on the “iPad” for difficult motifs such as hair and light, which results in a realistic selection of objects of professional quality with a mixture of sharp and soft edges.

The user interface has been simplified for use with touch controls. However, according to Adobe, the tool delivers the same results as the desktop version.

The canvas rotation tool allows users to rotate the canvas they are working on with a two-finger rotation gesture that can be zoomed in and out at the same time.

The rotation can snap at 0, 90, 180, 270 degrees, and users can reset the rotation and zooming with a quick zoom out pinch gesture. The rotation is not sticky and returns to zero degrees when a file is opened again. Both the rotation and the engagement can be switched on and off in the Settings -> Touch menu. More information on the tool for rotating the canvas can be found here.

Adobe Photoshop can be downloaded for free from the App Store. Subscriptions are required to use the software. Adobe Photoshop for “iPad” is available for all Creative Cloud plans that include Photoshop access.

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