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Adobe redesigns the Creative Cloud app with full-screen benefits

Adobe does not use the small screen of the Creative Cloud app to get a full-fledged powerhouse. On Thursday, October 10, Adobe launched a new Creative Cloud app that completely redesigned the app. The Creative Cloud app combines updates for apps like Photoshop and Lightroom with access to assets, tutorials, and a search tool that finds keywords in all the files to help.

Prior to the update, the Creative Cloud app was a tabbed small screen where you can check for updates, search for photos, and access files stored in the cloud. With the update, Adobe has redesigned the app with updated tools and a full screen interface.

Opening the Creative Cloud app now puts users in a personalized interface. The app looks a bit different for a photographer than for a photographer. For example, a web designer. Custom settings from the previous app are part of the new program, while users can continue to add or customize settings.

Apps are divided into categories such as photography, design and video, while apps can also be accessed via a single all-app area. Each app has a page listing key features, top tutorials, and more from one place.

In addition to the full-screen display, which can be used to search for updates to Creative Cloud apps, the update brings libraries to the platform. Existing library tools, which enable assets such as colors, fonts, and graphics to be synchronized across multiple programs, are now integrated with the Creative Cloud app itself. According to Adobe, users demanded a full-screen mode to manage all assets.

The updated app uses a new search tool to search for keywords for apps, tutorials, forums, photos, fonts, and other assets, including brushes.

While tutorials were already integrated with the Creative Cloud app, the update brings together all the tutorials for each Creative Cloud app in a learning hub. According to Adobe, the move will help users to become familiar with both new features and new apps. The tutorials can also be accessed from any app page.

The update will be launched in the US next week. Current Creative Cloud subscribers can update the platform by opening the current app, clicking the "…" menu in the upper-right corner, and selecting "Check for Updates."

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