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After the work stoppages, Google will change the sexual misconduct process

  In Mountain View, Dublin, New York, and others, Google employees protested to protest the way Google handles allegations of sexual misconduct.
In Mountain View, Dublin, New York, and more, Google employees have been protesting the way Google deals with allegations of sexual misconduct.

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Google can apparently still live on "don't be angry" if he wants.

In an e-mail sent to employees on Thursday, Google boss Sundar Pichai said that Google has made changes to the approach to complaints about sexual misconduct. The new guidelines are the company's response to last week's staff strike protesting the company's policies and policies.

"We know we have not always done everything right in the past, and we are truly sorry," Pichai wrote. "It's clear we need to make some changes."

In particular, Pichai said he had ended the forced arbitration for sexual harassment. This was one of the demands of walkout organizers, as stated in an article for New York Magazine .

described. On November 1, more than 20,000 Google employees participated in walkouts around the world. The protests were in response to the New York Times report on Google's history of under-the-carpet attack allegations, particularly those involving executives, including a $ 90 million payout to Android. Creator Andy Rubin, silently undone, charged with sexual misconduct.

Alongside an end to compulsory arbitration, strikers' demands included: an obligation to end pay and inequality of opportunity; A publicly published transparency report on sexual harassment; A clear, consistent and globally inclusive procedure for reporting sexual misconduct; Ask the Chief Diversity Officer to respond directly to the CEO; appoints an employee representative to the Board of Directors.

Pichai has addressed most of these demands in his review of the new policy. He said that Google will continue to work "for the emphasis on diversity," and the Chief Diversity Officer will "continue to provide monthly progress updates to me and my leadership team."

Reporting on sexual misconduct will be revised in several ways: There will be a dedicated online portal with live support for claims handling, staff can bring a "support staff" during the process, and Google will follow up -Consultation offer "career support."

Pichai also said that Google will include more detailed reports of sexual misconduct specifically in its "Investigation Report." He did not approach the demand for an employee board member.

An end to compulsory arbitration is significant because workers who experience sexual misconduct have the right to sue. That is, there is no compelling policy that allegations continue to fall within the jurisdiction of Google. This means that Google no longer has the opportunity to sweep things under the carpet.

And that is progress.

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