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Aggretsuko gains new meaning in the coronavirus era

Retsuko takes Fenneko's life into his own hands.

Retsuko takes Fenneko’s life in hand.
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Back in February Oni Press’ Aggretsuko Comic very foresighted immersed in an act in which the world was devastated by the “C virus”. It turned those exposed to it into zombie-like creatures, making it impossible for Retsuko and her colleagues to venture into their office safely. During the comic a sendup of the resident Evil Franchise, both the comic and the final season of the animated series, have taken on a different meaning these days.

AggretsukoThe third season turns into a heavier, more intense plot that gives the series a different kind of energy that up to this point, had often felt like it was just about to be ready, but so open about its main character’s allusion. As Retsuko experiences a brush with the right fame in the universe that makes her a known entity, she goes through a series of positive and negative twists and turns. It really makes you appreciate how the series was able to go beyond a straight lineForward criticism of corporate culture in the workplace, But there is also something special about the game.

Building Retsuko’s existence outside of her office job AggretsukoSeason three unintentionally highlights so many aspects of normal life that have recently become extinct in our world as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. Retsuko Becoming a member of an idol group that can soar only happens because it can be on the go – something many of us currently cannot. During her absence, she got into a car accident in which she had to generate additional income. Although her involvement with the Idol group begins with her working as an accountant, she is gradually pushed to become an artist herself.

The Red Panda argues that her best choice as a successful artist is to learn to play the guitar so she can accompany her own singing. Retsuko can improve her musical skills because Haida is, of all things, an excellent teacher. While there really isn’t that much special about their interactions, there is a platonic intimacy to themIt feels like something that we cannot experience in our world for some time.

What’s scary about this chapter of Aggretsuko is that it’s mainly about depicting a world that is more or less normal, as it used to be in the real world – the mundane. The timing of events makes Aggretsuko Feel like a nostalgic show longing for a simpler, less viral time when fate in an office is some sort of spiral that a person could reasonably do. Assuming the series continues, it will be very interesting to see if Sanrio spins Aggretsuko into some weird slice of office-centric escapism or when the brand turns to acknowledge the sobering reality we’re living through.

The series is capable of all kinds of comments about the nature of the job, workers’ rights, and the importance of a healthy work-life balance in particular necessary to remember now. Hopefully the show’s creators will recognize the opportunity they have and take advantage of it to a large extent.

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