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Air purifying paint kills the coronavirus strain

The manufacturer Airlite commissioned researchers at University College London (UCL) to test its color.

They found that after just 15 minutes of contact, it killed a number of viruses, including the human coronavirus NL63.

Airlite bosses also believe the paint will kill the SARS-CoV-2 2019 strain that causes Covid-19, but there are currently restrictions on how tests are run for it.

Bouygues uses the paint, which is also antibacterial and anti-mold and actively cleans the air of pollutants and odors.

Developer Grosvenor also chose Airlite as their preferred color.

Chris Leighton, Airlite̵

7;s UK Managing Director, said, “We have created a simple solution that has been scientifically proven to eliminate so many of today’s problems.

“Color used to be decorative, now it can play an active role in your health.

“We have already proven that Airlite is effective at killing viruses, and now UCL has found that it is just as effective at killing the NL63 coronavirus.

“Instead of buying a bulky air purifier, Airlite can do it all for you – and help fight viruses like the coronavirus at the same time.

“We are very confident that our paint will be effective against COVID-19. We know the technology works and has been shown to be effective against a virus from the same family. “

How does paint kill a coronavirus?

Airlite enables light to create a permanently ionized protective shield on and around the painted surface. When a virus comes in contact with this ionized shield, it creates the hydroxide ions (OH– –) aggressively steal a second hydrogen to return to water (H.2O) from the lipid-protein layer of the virus. Without the lipid-protein layer, the virus falls apart harmlessly and is no longer infectious.

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