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Airbnb offers 100,000 COVID-19 healthcare workers free or subsidized housing – TechCrunch

The hotel and travel industry may falter, but Airbnb is still doing everything it can to support global efforts to combat the spread of the coronavirus that is causing a worldwide pandemic. The company announced today that it will provide “free or subsidized housing” to 100,000 people who work as frontline healthcare providers. This is a relief for professionals who focus on containing the COVID-19 crisis.

Airbnb endeavors to allow hosts on its platform. You can choose to free up space and all fees that Airbnb typically charges for using its platform are waived for attendees. The program will include new cleanliness protocols aimed at ensuring the safety of workers, and Airbnb will work with the Red Cross, the International Rescue Committee, the International Medical Corps, and other nonprofit groups to help allocate space, where it is most needed.

Airbnb had already carried out small programs in Italy and France to deal with the crises there. 6,000 hosts in both countries made their rooms available. This expanded program was in part the result of many requests from hosts to the platform to volunteer their space and help with the effort, and Airbnb will allow hosts to offer their rooms free of charge if they choose to do so Anyone wishing to continue participating but holding a sojourn fee in place will not be charged a fee by Airbnb.

Airbnb's advanced cleaning protocols have been developed to tell the guidelines of leading national health authorities, including the CDC in the United States and Airbnb, that they will evolve as updated guidelines become available. The expanded rules to help ensure security include guidelines that there should be at least 72 hours between stays and maintaining an appropriate social distance between hosts and guests.

Airbnb has also set up a fund for those who do so. I want to provide financial support, with 1

00 percent of all proceeds going to charities that work on COVID-19 help. These funds will help to further subsidize housing for all respondents if hosts provide housing for a fee.

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