If you are looking for your country or state’s official COVID Exposure Notification System app, you may not be able to find it as Google is having a hard time finding COVID-related apps on the Play Store. Despite the fact that many apps test Google’s ENS API, the tag is missing from some listings, and worse, there are some apps that you just can’t search for on the Play Store. With every country and state seemingly creating their own standalone app, some areas lag behind others, making it difficult to know if an app is even available in your location. Because of this, I’ve taken the time to round up all of the COVID tracing apps currently available on the Play Store and will continue to update this list as new apps are released.

To keep things organized, I’ve broken this list of COVID tracing apps into three sections. The first section provides all of the US-based apps that have been officially released that use the ENS API. The second group deals with international ENS API apps, and the third group deals with releases that are still being tested. So you still have to earn your ENS badge on the Play Store or just use some other tracing technology.

US ENS tracing apps

International ENS tracing apps

Other tracing apps