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All Xbox One consoles to get Dolby Atmos audio upmixing

A new feature has been rolled out to Xbox Insiders in the Alpha Insider Ring this week that brings Dolby Atmos up to Microsoft's Xbox One consoles.

Designed by Dolby, the upmixing feature will definitely make Dolby Atmos sound better Dolby Atmos, or something closer to it. Dolby Atmos, it'll hopefully make the audio in games and movies much better and bring more sense of immersion to whatever you're watching because of it.

For those new to Dolby Atmos, it's an audio-format that takes recorded audio from a movie soundtrack or video game and spits it out in a more immersive way ̵

1; an object-based sound system that goes beyond the channels of stereo sound or surround sound. [19559002] According to Forbes the feature "The big difference is in a more three-dimensional effect – imagine the difference between hearing a helicopter flying over a scene."

Right now the Dolby Atmos upgrade is off by default. But Steven Wilssens, the Xbox Audio Lead Forbes that will feature a release will be available at option to toggle it off for those who want to hear non-audio audio in its original format.

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