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Amazing iOS 14 Trick Could Be The Best New iPhone Feature

The lack of new iPhones at Apple’s event last week was a bit disappointing, but the company had a surprise in store for us: the rather sudden release of iOS 14 on Wednesday. And while we’ve been aware of its key features since the software was announced in June, users are discovering a number of more subtle upgrades – and one in particular could change the game.

There is a new feature called Back Tap in the accessibility settings of iOS 14. This allows the user to access a variety of customizable controls simply by tapping the back of the phone. The iPhone 11 is already one of our best camera phones, but besides the raw tech, it’s subtle iOS enhancements like this that keep it high on the list.

There are tons of things to do with Back Tap, including taking a screenshot, turning on your flashlight, opening Control Center, and starting one of your shortcuts. There is both a double and a triple option, similar to the customizable single / double settings for AirPods (check out the most fun AirPods cases if you want to outfit yours).

iOS 14 Back Tap Settings

The function can be found under Settings, Accessibility, Touch, Tap back (Photo credit: Apple / Future Owns)

While it’s unlikely to come across in Settings, Back Tap is easy to enable and customize. All users have to do is go to Settings, Accessibility, Touch, and then tap Back. There you will find a huge list of double and triple tap options.

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