Cloud connectivity is not a focus for most printers. If the Google Cloud Print shutdown is a sign of this, there aren’t many people who want to use cloud services to control their printers. However, Amazon has now released an update to Alexa that can connect to printers so you can control them using voice commands.

First, ask for “Alexa, discover my printer”

; or add a printer device to the Alexa mobile app. Selected models from HP, Brother, Canon and Epson are already supported. More will follow shortly. Once your printer is connected, you can print documents such as shopping / to-do lists, Sudoku puzzles, coloring pages, graph paper, lined paper and test pages. Nothing groundbreaking, but it can save time compared to doing a web search for a graph paper template.

Amazon has a full list of supported commands here. As with most Alexa services, the main goal here is to increase sales. When you add your printer to Alexa, low link notifications are also sent to Amazon, making it easier to order replacements. There is even the option of Amazon automatically ordering ink cartridges at a 10% discount before your printer is empty.