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Amazon and the NFL are planning virtual games to understand real violations

Amazon Web Services (AWS) and the NFL have teamed up to simulate whole football games using a new platform called Digital Athlete to predict and prevent player injury.

The system was announced Thursday at the AWS re: Invent conference in Las Vegas. AWS and the NFL have integrated machine learning and artificial intelligence to simulate games and to identify and predict injury risk scenarios that they can then apply on the field.

"We believe this will revolutionize the way we prevent, rehabilitate and restore players in NFL injuries," said Drs. Jeff Crandall, Chairman of the NFL Technical Committee and Director of the University of Virginia's Center for Applied Biomechanics During the press conference on Thursday.

Crandall said Digital Athlete's concept is a virtual representation of some of the world's most powerful athletes and uses them in a variety of virtual scenarios to help prevent injuries and help companies manufacture safety equipment. Helmets can create better products. The system could also be used to create new rules for the game.

Crandall said they have already considered 1

00,000 actual helmet impact images as part of the data collection, and this aspect is important as players are exposed to a horrendous burden of high risk for concussions and other head injuries. In 2018 alone, NFL players were diagnosed with 214 concussions.

The Digital Athlete platform uses AWS technology, including Amazon Recognition, to retrieve the NFL's extensive data and video feeds.

"By leveraging the breadth and depth of AWS services, the NFL is strengthening its leadership position in promoting innovation and improvements in health and player safety, not only for NFL players, but for athletes as well Good news to all over the world, "said Andy Jassy, ​​CEO of AWS, in a press release. "This partnership provides the NFL and AWS with the opportunity to develop new approaches and advanced tools to prevent injuries both in football and potentially beyond."

Beyond football, this kind of predictive technology could be widely used in the EU future.

"It's hard to overstate its potential. It offers opportunities in the areas of occupational safety, architecture and building design, "said Drs. Matt Wood, vice president for artificial intelligence at AWS at the conference re: Invent. "There's even the opportunity to apply it to more and more accurate healthcare treatment models."

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