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Amazon could introduce its own game streaming service in 2020

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Google Stadia was just launched this week. The game streaming service has already been criticized for poor game selection, below-average performance, questionable pricing and business practices, as well as for killing Chromecast Ultra devices. However, these issues do not seem to worry Amazon, as the trading and technology company appears to be preparing to announce its own competing service in 2020.

CNET reported this week that Amazon will announce a game streaming service next year. and that it has already begun recruiting employees from other major technology companies as it moves toward market introduction. Not surprisingly, the unnamed service should be integrated with Twitch streaming and other Amazon services. Google has heavily implemented YouTube in Stadia. You can start a game from the memory state of a streamer or jump directly from a stream to the multiplayer session. However, none of these features are available for launch.

So far, Amazon had an extremely difficult entry into the video game industry. Several high-profile games have been canceled prior to their launch, including Breakaway and reportedly dozens of developers fired during this year's E3 as well as more canceled projects.

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Some of Amazon's creative leads have also left the company for other studios. This includes Clint Hocking, who returned to Ubisoft to direct Watch Dogs Legion and Portal designer Kim Swift, who now works at Electronic Arts. If we learn of the introduction of Stadia, Amazon must have some high-profile and exclusive games available for players to sign up for and the service can not destroy the data restrictions.

Amazon and Google are not the only companies vying for their streaming dollars. Microsoft is also in the preview phase of its Project xCloud service, which already has more games than Stadia and has special control schemes when playing mobile games. Unlike its competitors, Microsoft does not market xCloud as a replacement for home consoles, but as a complementary service. You can also stream games you own on your Xbox One console to your phone for free, using the Xbox as a private server.

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